Different Types of Hair Restoration

Do you know that there are many different types of treatment for your hair loss problem?

Hair restoration can be briefly explained as the complete elimination of negative images that may occur after a hair transplant. This vital restoration is known as a process that starts with noticing the fault first. Unfortunately, not performing the hair transplant procedure in the right areas with the proper techniques can lead to problems in the future. However, experienced surgeons in our clinic can find solutions to previous wrong hair transplant procedures with very realistic controls. However, even if mistakes are noticed too late, our expert surgeon can overcome this situation. The hair transplant procedure gives results according to the technique you prefer. For example, in old hair transplant techniques, the transfer process is done in strips, and as a result of this, the naturalness deteriorates. Therefore, the FUE hair transplant procedure is a definite and clear solution. Because the hair follicles are carefully transferred, a natural image is obtained, and the recovery rate will increase very significantly.

Why is Wrong Hair Transplant Repeated?

If you have problems with baldness or hair loss, hair loss or even new cavities may appear in a short period because you ignore the condition of your hair directly in a centre without doing any research. There are also some different reasons for this.

FUE hair transplant is a very effective solution for scars from old procedures. When you want to straighten your transferred hair at the wrong angle, the most critical point in a hair transplant is to transfer your hair follicles at the right angle. Thus, a suitable environment is created for your new hair to grow. A natural look could not be achieved in the old procedures as the hair was transferred in strips. So this was a big problem.

The transferred hair creates a grass-like appearance as it grows vertically rather than horizontally and right. Therefore, hair restoration is needed for incorrectly transferred hair. The two most important factors leading to this situation are inexperienced surgeon selection and the preferred method.

You can get help from our experienced and expert surgeon in deciding on the hair transplant procedure. Another critical issue is the preference for the FUE hair transplant for the technique to be preferred. This method, which is very effective in completely closing the scars due to the wrong hair transplant, offers you a permanent solution.

You should definitely take care of your hair by knowing the structure of your hair in detail, and if your hair loss has started, you should immediately contact our specialist surgeon. It should be noted that it can be prevented if your hair loss is detected in the early period. Among the medical solutions applied for your hair health, especially mesotherapy, it has beneficial results in stopping hair loss completely, balancing your hair dryness, and improving your hair diameter. In parallel with other types of mesotherapy, Hair mesotherapy includes treatments aimed directly at the target, namely your hair follicles.

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