Difference Between Hair Implants and Hair Transplant

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   Hair restoration treatments are highly demanded due to the need evolved from the high number of people experiencing hair loss. Although many of those treatments are able to provide efficient and durable results, it is essential to be aware of the terms related to hair restoration treatments in order to understand the differences, detailed features and find the most appropriate one for yourself.

The term hair implant is commonly used as a synonym of the term hair transplant. Except both being hair restoration treatments, these two are different things.

Hair implants are artificial, synthetic hair made from biocompatible material. While the term is used interchangeably with hair transplant, it actually means the implantation of artificial hair into the scalp.

Difference between hair transplant and hair implants

Although not as commonly practiced as hair transplant treatments, also hair implant has a part in hair restoration practices. Therefore, it is quite essential to be aware of the differences, advantages, disadvantages, long term consequences and possible complications for whichever you choose to have.

Hair transplant includes your own natural hair collected to be transferred to the balding spots of your scalp while hair implants are artificial hair to be implanted to the balding areas without including any collecting process before. This means there is no need for a donor area while having hair implants; the hair quantity or quality in other parts of your scalp are not important factors effecting the process since they will not be a part of the process.

Hair implants are foreign substances to your body and there is always a possibility that your body may react reversely to them. Not everybody has the same body habits and although they are biocompatible, hair implant materials may cause allergies for some people. Since this occasion may cause serious problems when experienced during or after the process, it is highly recommended to have an allergy test before a hair implant procedure. Also, infection is more commonly seen in hair implant treatments than hair transplant treatments due to the same reason.

The transplanted hair is your own natural hair in hair transplant; so it will grow, fall and then grow again just like it did in its original place. You can shave them, cut them or style them as you wish; whichever you do, your transplanted roots will be there for you, going on with their growth cycle. On the other hand, after having hair implants, the artificial hair is not going to be able to grow or keep up with the hair’s own natural growth cycle. If you shave it or cut it, it will remain like that and not grow back; you will need to use the same hair style for quite a long time. If a hair implant falls by itself, you will need to replace it with a new one since there is no living root it leaves behind to grow a new hair.

Final results

Hair transplant procedures give very natural results thanks to the technique that uses the patient’s own natural hair; however, hair implants are not that effective in giving the same natural impression like natural hair. They are usually considered as similar to wigs, just more complex, improved and persistent.

The final result of a hair implant treatment is visible immediately after the procedure while the hair transplant results require 8-12 months to be visible.

Hair implants are not as popular as hair transplants due to the disadvantages in the long term, possible complication and unnatural results. Hair transplant treatments provide the most natural and convenient results just as if your hair has never fallen down at the first place.

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