David Beckham’s Hair Transplant Journey: How Did He Restore His Hair?


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Celebrities are pioneers of style and trends; they are admired and taken as role models by many people from every age. David Beckham has been admired by many boys and adults as a very famous football player and a very charismatic man. His style has been giving a lead to the trends, adored by females and copied by males.

David Beckham is 45 years old today and still admired as much as in his football days with his lifestyle and always splendid appearance. Throughout the years, he has been in front of the public eye, and he has made the highest number of changes in his hairstyle. Needless to say, all of the changes in his style were very well-received and adopted by his fans around the world. In the years 2002-2003, the popular Mohawk hairstyle was the most demanded style by male hair stylists after it was introduced to the world by David Beckham.

David Beckham has updated his hairstyle many times; braids, Mohawk, top buns… He has influenced the basics of male style with every update for sure, but he could not escape from male pattern baldness forever. Male pattern baldness is a genetic and hormonal condition that affects the %60 of males around the world, starting from the temples and progressing through the crown. David Beckham’s father is known to suffer from serious hair loss condition, and it is not a big surprise for David Beckham to go through this condition as well.

David Beckham and hair transplant

   It is still unknown if the famous former football player had a hair transplant operation. David Beckham was asked about his hair loss condition in 2012, and he replied he would fight against it, but the hair transplant was not something he considered, even if he believed there was nothing wrong with it.

   But as the years pass and the hairline and thinning of Beckham’s hair are tracked, it seemed like he had a hair transplant operation in 2018. He never confirmed having this operation, but his density and his fixed hairline of him did not go unnoticed by the reporters.

   It is also claimed that David Beckham has restored his beard with another transplantation, but then again, it stayed as another not confirmed rumour too.

What would be the technique allowing Beckham to have a very secret hair transplant?

It is not possible to talk certain about the reality of his hair transplant operation or beard transplant operation, but if he had these operations as a celebrity, there is no doubt that he wanted to do it without being a headline.

The cutting-edge technology and the latest techniques of hair transplant make the operation only noticeable with its magnificent results. The most suitable technique for a celebrity like Beckham would be the FUE technique; it leaves no scar or any other proof of operation behind unless the life-long results. The same applies to his possible beard transplant as well; the FUE technique can be performed for many areas, including beard, moustache, eyebrows or eyelashes.

For celebrity-like results with the FUE technique, the hair transplant journey with Mono Hair Transplant Clinic starts with an online consultation in which all your inquiries are replied to and a detailed hair analysis is made for your individual case. In order to initiate your journey now, please get in touch with us.

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