David Beckham’s Hair Transplant Journey: Did He Really Have a Hair Transplant?

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We have all admired a celebrity and tried to look like him/her in our childhood and teenage years; this celebrity has been David Beckham for most of the boys in their young age for a long period. Actually, he did not lose much of his popularity and ideal image today.

As a good-looking and successful football player, it is not surprising that he is a role model for men of all ages. There was a time that every male around the world from young to adult, styled their hair in Mohawk just because that was how Beckham styled his hair.

David Beckham has appeared with many different hair styles so far. From braids and top-buns to Mohawk; he has been very prone to change when it comes to his style and whatever he did, has been a trend of men style throughout the world.

Unfortunately, male pattern baldness is a reality for almost %60 of men, even if you are David Beckham. Beckham’s father was severely bald and it did not be a surprise for him to experience this same genetic condition; especially when it is considered that he probably applies so many hair-style products to look his best all the time which would be not very beneficial for the progress of his hair loss condition.

Did he really get a hair transplant?

The debate on whether David Beckham had hair transplant or not has been going on for a long while.

In 2012, he expressed that he was afraid of going bald and he is fighting against it. He denied to have a hair transplant but instead he said that he would shave it off if he experiences any signs of baldness. Although he was not eager to have such operation back then, in 2018 he was claimed to have a hair transplant eventually. He did not declare his operation officially but in his new pictures, his hair seemed strongly restored and denser; his hairline has appeared to be fixed. Later on, in 2020, he appeared to be experiencing thinning and sparse in his hair again in pictures; this brought out new questions about the ongoing debate.

David Beckham is also claimed to have a beard transplant; however, this remained as an unapproved rumor, too.

What is the technique possibly used in Beckham’s hair transplant?

The truth about him having a hair transplant is still not approved but if his iconic hair owes anything to any kind of hair transplant, it is a type of FUE technique for sure. If David Beckham has preferred to restore his hair or beard, he wanted to do it discreetly for sure. The most convenient hair transplant technique adoptable to a celebrity life is FUE technique due to its no scar feature and quick recovery process. FUE technique is the most developed technique and its variations on the used tools and the materials of micro-devices is developing rapidly every day; so FUE is the ultimate address for a celebrity like David Beckham.

Mono Hair Transplant Clinic is proud to offer FUE hair transplant procedures for celebrity-like results; FUE gives the most natural results without leaving any scar behind. For the best density and an aesthetic hair line, please do not hesitate to contact us and get an online consultation; our hair transplant specialists are looking forward to meet you.

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