Cost of FUE Hair Transplant

While many people around the world have a hair loss problem, nowadays, one of the most wondered issues is whether FUE hair transplantation is expensive or not. FUE hair transplant method is too similar to the classic hair transplant methods. Like any cosmetic surgical process, an FUE hair transplant can get costly. If we have to compare the prices of FUE hair transplant surgeries carried out in all countries, we can say that Turkey does the cheapest FUE hair transplant surgery. The exact cost might change depending on the number of hair follicles used in the transplanted area or the hair clinics’ quality. Before you decide where to get an FUE hair transplant, you have to search clinics very well and consider the recovery time, side effects, and results. If you want more information about the cost, you can go to the clinic you chose and be examined.

Is FUE Hair Transplant Effective?

FUE hair transplant is done by using local anesthesia to numb your scalp, but you will remain awake during the hair transplantation. The procedure may take three to five hours, it is not common, but some transplants could take a few sessions. It is necessary to get healthy hair. After the transplant, you will be bandaged and provided with details. However, to get an effective result, you should have the procedure done in a good place, but the cost is important. How much you pay for FUE hair transplant depends on numerous factors such as the local market, the technique, and the surgeon you choose.




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