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It is very easy to get information from the internet in today’s World. While it is possible to get true information, it is possible to get wrong information from the internet. Hair Transplantation is one of the topics that you possibly have wrong information about. In this text, I will be sharing the false facts about the Hair Transplantation.
First of all, I would like to give an answer to “Is Haır Transplantation permanent?” question. On the contrary it is supposed that plantation of hair is a temporary solution of your hair loss concerns, Hair Transplant is a permanent solution! With the help of developing and high technology, hair transplantation procedure gives you the permanent solutions and the planted hair can survive life long. On the other hand, it is quite normal to see the hair loss in the upcoming days after the operation performed and the reason behind the hair reduction, the planted hair will grow up getting stronger then ever! If the area of nape is preferred to get the hair, there is an aim to make the hair which is planted permanent.

You can possibly suppose that this is a complicated operation there are niddles used and therefore the procedure is painful. This information is also wrong. The operation is not painful and it can be said that the pain is very minimum level. Another wrong information about the procedure is that the age is important fact if you would like to get the operation done and we can say that hair transplantation can be performed regardless whether you are young or old aged. If there is sufficient hair to take on your nape then the operation is performable. Also you can get the operation regardless whether you are woman or man. If you think that men prefer to get the operation mostly that is also false fact. Because lots of woman get hair plantation operation done.

The cost of the transplantation is one of the main concerns and it is supposed that the procedure is quite expensive. No! According to your expectations and your concerns, our Hair Transplant Specialist will examine your health check form and pictures, based on both you will be provided with the best treatment plan for you. We provide many services which include in the package details such as maximum graft numbers ,4nights accomodation at cozy Mono Villa or 5starred hotel, 24/7 English speaking host, all in-city and airport transfers, 1 year follow up, washing and check-up session, medical shampoos for our patients, medical fees, tests and check-up, examinations. All of these services will be included in the all-inclusive package details that we have prepared for our patients. If you still think that all of these will be very expensive for you, you are wrong! We have very affordable prices.
You can contact with us all the time you wish for further information about the treatment plans and its details also for the package details. We woud love help you and we are looking forward to hear from you!
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