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Are you having problems with your breasts? Are your breasts, not the size you want? Is the breast lift expensive for you? Here we have good news for you! You will achieve the look you desire with a cheap breast lift in Turkey. We do the best quality breast lift procedure with Mono Clinic. If you want to have a cheap breast lift in Turkey, continue reading!

A breast lift is called a breast lift to achieve the ideal aesthetic appearance of a sagging and deformed breast whose nipple has descended below the sub-breast fold for any reason by using some surgical techniques. With this procedure, the nozzles can be brought to the desired position.

Who is A Candidate for Breast Lift in Turkey?

Breast lift in Turkey is one of the operations performed on anyone who has completed their physical development and who is physically healthy or has deformation problems and sagging breasts. It is one of the surgeries applied to people who experience severe breast sagging in breast lift operation and make it a psychological problem. In short, anyone who has a problem with their breasts is a candidate for a breast lift in Turkey.

How is Breast Lift Performed in Turkey?

  • The breast lift in Turkey is performed under general anaesthesia regardless of the technique. Depending on the techniques to be used, the breast lift procedure can take an average of 2 to 4 hours. 
  • During the process, your nipples are taken to the previously planned area. Your breast tissue is shaped. While tissue is removed from the large breasts, a silicone prosthesis is placed on the small breasts. Then, if necessary, excess skin in the area is also removed, and the operation is completed.
  • If you have small breasts sagging, a silicone prosthesis can be placed under your breast. If you have obvious breast sagging and your mammary gland is quite adequate, procedures similar to breast reduction surgery can be performed. The only difference is that the mammary gland isn’t reduced.
  • For extra information about breast lift surgery in Turkey, you can review the breast reduction section. If the mammary gland is insufficient, the excess skin is collected after the silicone prosthesis is placed under the breast, similar to the breast reduction technique. Removal of the mammary gland isn’t performed.

Things to Consider After Breast Lift in Turkey

  • After a breast lift in Turkey, it is recommended to do ice compresses with your doctor’s recommendation. You also need to wear a special bra after the procedure.
  • The drains placed on both breasts during the operation are removed after two days, and the stitches are removed approximately two weeks later.
  • There may be some oedema after the surgery, and this oedema will resolve over time when your breast shape begins to form.
  • It takes approximately 10 to 12 weeks for your breast to take its final desired shape.


Can I Breastfeed After Breast Lift?

During the operation, the milk glands aren’t damaged in any way. These are particularly protected. In this way, you can continue to breastfeed comfortably.

Will There Be Sagging Again After Breast Lift Surgery?

Depending on the technique to be preferred in the operation and the structure of your breast, you will not experience sagging for a long time after the procedure.

Does Breast Lifting Treat All Cracks in the Breast?

A breast lift is an aesthetic procedure. Therefore, while providing a structurally aesthetic appearance to the breast, cracks and deformations are also removed during surgery.

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