Celebrities Who Had Beard and Moustache Transplant

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Bushy beard is more than just a style or a trend for men; it symbolizes strength, power, maturity and prestige. Many men claim that they look like somebody else when they shave their beard and moustache; the beard is a part of their identity for most men. As opposed to the older times, the ideal professional look does not require a smooth face anymore; this eliminates the daily life and career obligations on shaving the beard as well.

However, not every man is able to grow a bushy beard as they wish due to some conditions such as genetics, hormonal changes, scar tissue on their face or any disease that may interfere with the beard growth. Thankfully, advanced hair transplant techniques are applicable for facial hair as well; the number of men who are benefitting from these advanced treatments are increasing each day.

Bushy beard trend for men is also triggered by celebrities who have lush beard and moustaches boosting up their charisma and masculine aura. Celebrities like George Clooney, Tom Hardy or David Beckham have been the dream beard models for those who appreciate the bearded look. Of course not every male celebrity is attractive for their strong beard and moustache; there are many celebrities which are attractive with their smooth faces too. But then again, there are also celebrities who would like to restore their style with bushier beards and moustaches; beard and moustache transplants are found efficient by celebrities as well.

The advanced techniques of hair transplant practices have been very efficient on beard and moustache transplants; the smooth and comfortable process and the quick recovery allows celebrities to adopt the operation into their busy routines; the procedure is painless and the side effects are very minimal.

Although there are many celebrity names known for their hair transplant operations, celebrities known for their beard and moustache transplants are not high in number; here are two celebrities who were open about their transplantations.

Jeremy McConnell

Irish model and reality show star Jeremy McConnell had his beard transplant combined with hair transplant operation in 2017. He preferred to have his restorations in a hair transplant clinic in Turkey. He was open about his operations; he shared pictures and allowed the hair transplant clinic to share his pictures as well. It was claimed that he was getting prepared for big projects by looking at his best.

Kyle Christie

   British reality show star and actor Kyle Christie also had a beard transplant in 2017. Kyle was suffering from thinning on his beard and as a person who is in front of the public eye all the time, he wanted to fix this and restore his confidence. His beard transplant operation took 12 hours and done by 2000 grafts transplanted to his beard area.

Mono Hair Transplant Clinic is the right address for those who would like to restore their beard and moustache with celebrity like results; for bushier beard and moustache, contact us and get a free consultation. Our medical consultants and hair transplant specialists are looking forward to initiate your treatment journey.

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