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The causes of hair loss in men are always wondered. In most cases of male hair loss, androgenetic alopecia or male pattern hair loss is the main cause. After puberty, men’s hair naturally begins to become thinner.

About 20% of men in their twenties experience male pattern hair loss symptoms. This number rises to 40% for men in their 40s and to 50% for men in their 50s. It is useful to learn the causes of hair loss before researching what should be done for hair loss. Here are the most obvious reasons for hair loss in men

  • Genetics

Simply put, genetic hair loss is a familial disease. Genetics, which is also called hereditary in the society, is valid in many diseases, and if your family members have genetic diseases such as mother, father, uncle, etc., you may have the same problem. As age progresses, baldness develops and may require hair transplantation as a result. Reinforcement treatments, mesotherapies and PRP treatment, which are started at an early age, slow down the spill rate. Especially individuals with baldness problems in their family face the risk of hair loss.

  • Skin problems

Apart from the main genetic hair loss, skin and internal diseases also cause hair loss in men. Most skin-related spills occur when diseases involving the skin, affect the scalp. If hair is affected in diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, lichen disease, excessively oily skin, fungal diseases, hair loss may be inevitable.


  • Eating habits

Spills due to nutritional reasons are another common factor of hair loss in men. After all, hair is a living organ and it needs to be fed, too. Not eating a regular and balanced diet, long-term hunger, uniform diet and consuming foods high in carbohydrates can ultimately affect and cause hair loss. Protein-rich foods and healthy oils (Omega 3) should be your most important supporters on the road to an healthier and thicker hair. Drinking plenty of water will moisturize your hair and make it look more vibrant.


  • Hormonal problems

If the person has hormonal problems, such as increased hair growth, excessive acne, and accelerated weight gain, hair loss is added to these symptoms, this can be described as hormonal hair loss. Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, is a testosterone-dependent hormone responsible for triggering the spilling process and occurs when testosterone reacts with an enzyme called 5 alpha-reductase.

When the hair follicles are exposed to DHT, they start to shrink. This results in their hair being thinner and shorter. Over time, the hair from these follicles stops growing altogether. When more than half of the follicles in a certain part of the head are exposed to DHT, men experience hair loss.


  • Some internal diseases and drug usage

Some internal diseases; Thyroid gland diseases or drugs used for these diseases, rheumatic diseases, hormones used, weight loss pills, adrenal gland diseases, insulin resistance, diabetes etc. are other causes of hair loss. This situation must be thoroughly investigated by examinations and tests by specialist doctors.


  • Stress and depression

Excessive stress is another reason for hair loss as well as any disease. Depression, anxiety, psychosis and the drugs used in their treatment can affect the hair and cause it to spill.


  • Smoking and Alcohol Consumption

There is a link between smoking and increase of hair loss. If you need a reason to quit smoking, you should add hair loss to the top of this list. In addition to smoking, alcohol usage also plays an important role in hair loss. When you reduce smoking and alcohol, you will see that your hair grows brighter and stronger.

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