Can Hair Products Cause Hair Loss?

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Depending on the type of hair products and the content, some hair products may cause your hair to fall out temporarily. The chemicals in hair products that dye or nourish your hair are incredibly harsh, and especially if you don’t use these products appropriately, your hair may become weak, damaged or start to fall out.

If you are planning to dye your hair or have a procedure done, you can choose natural products to ensure the health of your hair at a high rate during the process. However, conditioners, shampoos and hair styling products don’t cause your hair to fall out unless they contain powerful chemicals.

However, many hair care products may contain toxic chemicals to give your hair instant, satisfying results. Although it is very satisfying to see your hair shiny, natural, smooth, clean and complete, you may experience hair loss after this short-term happiness.

Does Conditioner Cause Hair Loss?

A hair conditioner is a popular hair care product, especially for women. Women use conditioner before stepping out of the shower after shampooing their hair. Using conditioner is aimed at combing the hair much more accessible and making it softer. There is no such thing as hair loss using a hair conditioner. However, there may be some reasons for further hair loss when a conditioner is used.

Does Hair Spray Cause Hair Loss?

Any curly, fine, thick or straight hair becomes highly weak when exposed to chemical treatments. This can lead to problems such as hair loss over long periods. The hair sprays you use to style or fix your hair can also significantly damage your hair in the long run. When hair sprays are used frequently, your hair is exposed to chemicals intensively. This causes problems such as lifelessness, weakening and shedding in your hair. The use of spray causes severe damage to the hair follicles and causes the hair to fall out quickly due to hardening. For this, it is necessary to avoid hair spray as much as possible and apply the sprays correctly when necessary. It is essential to spray the spray from a small distance to avoid damaging your hair roots when using hair spray. At the same time, when using the spray, you should apply it equally to every part of your hair. In this way, you can reduce the damage of hair sprays to some extent with proper use.

What Should You Consider When Choosing Shampoo?

A seemingly organic product in hair care products may actually be just a marketing strategy. The safest way to make sure you find a chemical-free product is to look at the shampoo ingredients list on the packaging. Be sure to check the ingredients to avoid shampoo before purchasing. Some of the elements that are expected to be in hair care products and nourish the hair are as follows:

  • Salicylic acid: Cleanses the scalp by removing dead skin cells and creating the perfect environment for healthy hair growth.
  • Beta-glucan: A natural plant derivative that stimulates collagen, increases strength and reduces breakage.
  • Chamomile: A gentle and calming antioxidant with antibacterial properties to support a healthy scalp.

Since approximately 63% of the products in your body and hair mix into your blood and organs, you are choosing safe, non-toxic products for yourself and your family is an essential step for healthy hair and body.

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