Bushy Beard Trend: Celebrities Who Had Beard and Moustache Transplant

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   Latest trends of our modern world have been pointing out for a bushy beard look for male; beard has meant for strength, power and prestige since earlier ages. Some men suggest that they cannot feel like themselves when they have shaved their beard and moustache; it is a significant element for the identity of one’s appearance. Even though, it meant for a savage and messy look for some as well, a nicely styled beard always intensifies the charisma. Does that mean male with no beard cannot look stylish or charismatic? No, for sure. There are many men the smooth face looks befitting on as well; and also if your wish is to have a charismatic beard but you are unable to grow it due to some conditions such as genetics, immune diseases or hormonal changes, this does not mean you have to be content with a beardless style.

   Hair restoration procedures have improved to a significant degree thanks to the developments on technology and medical science; hair restoration procedures are suitable for not only hair but also other areas like beard and moustache today. Many men prefer to have beard and moustache transplants with the advanced techniques to restore their masculine energy and have a more desired style. It is obvious that the bearded style for men was triggered by many celebrities who look very charismatic with their bushy beards like Tom Hardy, George Clooney or David Beckham. Many hair transplant centers say that most of their patients are showing celebrity beards as for an example for their desired beard style.

   Although, celebrities usually stand as an example for the ideal look, they are also human beings and they can also experience thinning or patchy beard look. Latest trends are more important for celebrities since they are constantly in front of the public eye and their appearances are more subjected criticism. Beard and moustache hair transplants are very suitable operations for celebrities who would like to restore their masculine energy; procedures are very easy and painless which make them easier to take place in a busy schedule of a celebrity.

Jeremy McConnell

   Young model and reality show star Jeremy McConnell has had his beard transplant operation in 2017; he also had hair transplant along with his beard transplant. His operations were done in a hair transplant clinic in Turkey. Young star was getting prepared for new projects by looking in his best. He did not hesitate to share pictures and talk about his operation; his attitude was quite open.

Kyle Christie

   Kyle Christie also had his beard transplant in 2017. British reality show star and actor was experiencing thinning on his beard and he wanted to improve his look with a fuller beard. His operation lasted for 12 hours and 2000 follicles were transplanted for his new beard.

   Mono Hair Transplant Clinic is proud to offer celebrity-like results for your beard and moustache transplant operations. In order to get a free consultation and an individualized treatment plan, please contact us; our dedicated medical consultants are looking forward to help you.

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