Breast Surgery Turkey

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Breast Surgery Turkey

Age, hereditary factors, weight changes, birth or breastfeeding and post-menopausal changes may cause a person’s need for Breast surgery in Turkey.

Breasts are very important part of body for women, which greatly affect the self-confidence of the person. For this reason, breast surgeries are among the most frequently performed plastic surgery operations.

The most common operations in breast aesthetics are breast augmentation and lifting operations.

Breast augmentation is performed with the help of silicone prostheses. When a good brand is selected in the determination of these silicones, they do not cause any side effects and are permanent for a lifetime.

However, if the person experiences a serious change in his body afterwards, the surgery may need to be renewed. There is no harm in its renewal.

Breast Surgery İzmir

Breast surgery; One of the most worrying issues about the Izmir operation is whether there is any harm in breastfeeding and giving birth to women who are planning to have a child.

You can give birth and breastfeed your baby after breast surgery. In order not to damage your milk ducts, treatment plan will be specifically planned

Your surgical incision is selected from the sub-breast parts accordingly and over time (approximately 6-12 months) these scars will reach a non-obvious appearance.

Breast Surgery İstanbul

You can decide with your surgeon the type of prosthesis to be used during breast surgery Istanbul operation.

However, the important point is what size you want will be. Accordingly, your surgeon will use the most suitable size of silicone to achieve the size you want, to finalize the procedure in the best way.

Silicone of the most suitable size is placed and then the procedure is completed. In this way, you will not have a problem with the size of the silicone.

If you are uncomfortable with your new breasts after the procedure, if your mind changes, or if your breast sags due to factors such as weight change over time, etc., this procedure can be repeated.

There is no harm in having a breast operation again. However, you will need to discuss how much time should pass after your first operation with your surgeon and adjust the operation plan accordingly.

Breast Surgery Prices

The only person who can comment on the prices of breast surgery is no one other than your plastic surgeon.

Your plastic surgeon can only talk about the price of the surgery after examining you and listening to your demands and deciding on a silicone prosthesis.

Apart from this, it is very difficult to make a comment on this issue since breast surgeries are a type of procedure that can be performed in many different ways.

You can get direct information from your doctor by asking what you want to know about the price and breast surgery Turkey.

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