Best Hair Transplant Method in Turkey

Unfortunately, we worry about everything when life gets tough, stress, nervousness, and tension increase, and our living standards decrease. Everything we think about will have negative consequences for us. As we all know, hair loss is one of many people who have stress problems.

Hair loss, which is the biggest problem for men and women, has many different causes. Hair loss problems that men and women face popularly affect self-confidence and can lead to psychological issues.

Many different hair transplant techniques can be preferred in cases such as hair loss in Turkey. These methods are selected according to your health status, skin type, living conditions, and allergic reactions, and it is decided which technique will be best for you by conducting special tests. Among the best hair transplant methods in Turkey are FUE, DHI, and FUT techniques.

The most preferred techniques in hair transplant in Turkey

Many techniques are used in hair transplants in Turkey. There are many different methods of hair transplant that have repercussions all over the world. However, the most preferred hair transplant technique in Turkey is the FUE hair transplant procedure. DHI and FUT methods, respectively, follow this technique.

Why FUE hair transplant?

The FUE hair transplant technique is an excellent treatment method that involves placing healthy hair follicles in the openings in your hair if you are experiencing hair loss problems.

FUE is the newest and most advanced technique in hair transplant. With the FUE hair transplant method, you will have natural-looking hair quickly. Another essential feature of the FUE technique is that it leaves minimal scars, a short recovery period, and a successful operation. Other reasons why the FUE hair transplant procedure is popularly preferred are:

  • In this technique, natural-looking and denser hair can be transferred.
  • It offers a permanent solution for mild hair loss problems to severe baldness.
  • It is a procedure developed in such a way that you will experience minor pain.
  • There is very little stitching or scarring after the procedure, and the process is very comfortable.
  • After the FUE method, you can recover quickly and return to your normal life easily. You can even travel after one day.
  • When your hair transplant procedure is planned correctly, your hair follicles taken from your donor area will not be damaged in any way. Even if you have several operations in this way, there will be no adverse changes in your appearance.
  • Your hair to be transferred is 98-99% efficient on average.

As a result, you can have healthy hair with the FUE method, the best hair transplant method in Turkey.

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