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A beard transplant is a surgical procedure that can be used to restore a fuller beard in areas where hair is missing or thinning. The healing process begins immediately after the beard transplant procedure. So, how does the beard transplant recovery day by day?

Beard Transplant Recovery Process

The first days of the healing process after beard transplant are very critical. It is important to adhere to your doctor’s instructions and take the prescribed medication at the designated times during the initial recovery period. Here, beard transplant recovery day by day:

Day 1: You should gently wash the beard transplant areas. Pain, itching, numbness and tightness can be seen in the donor area.

2–3 days: Scabbing, swelling, and mild redness may be seen in the transplanted area. The discomfort, other than the numbness in the donor area, begins to disappear.

4-6 days: The swelling in the beard transplant area begins to decrease. In addition, recovery in this area is accelerating. Scabbing in the donor area continues, even if a little. You can clean these peels by gently massaging them with shampoo.

Day 7: The swelling in the transplanted area completely reduces, and the redness disappears. The donor area continues to heal.

Day 10: Grafts in the transplanted area become permanent. The donor area will recover by about 70 percent.

15–30 days: Most of the beard hair in the beard transplant area is shed.

90th Day: Your new beard hairs begin to grow.

4th Month: Your beard grows thicker.

9–10 Months: Beard transplant recovery day by day is completed in about 10 months.

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