Beard Transplant Recovery Day by Day

A Beard transplant is not a hard process as a hair transplant. Thanks to the number of follicles transplanted, the recovery process is much shorter than the hair transplants. Beard transplants heal quickly, it takes around a week for scabbing to come off, and end of the week, it turns back to normal.

However, do not feel the rush to recover; you have to be patient until you reach full recovery. After the beard transplant, you can wash the areas gently; on the second day; you can see some scabbing and redness around the area where hairs are transplanted, or you may have an ache. On the third and following day, your swelling will settle down, and they are will start healing quickly. You can wash gently with special shampoo, and please consider your shampoo contains no chemicals. At the end of one week, redness and swelling will completely fade away. Do not forget to apply medicine to ensure the healing process. After ten days, the grafts are fixed permanently; you can turn back to your normal routine.

What to Avoid During the Beard Transplant Healing Process

After a beard transplant, you should avoid the sauna and the sun. Do not wash your face for 24 hours, and after that, you can wash your face with special shampoo. Do not touch the transplanted area for at least two weeks. Avoid exercises and do not exhaust for a couple of weeks. Do not smoke, and avoid alcohol after the transplant for at least three weeks.

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