Beard Transplant Before and After

Growing a beard is not an easy think. Many of the patients think of getting beard transplantation because of the sparse beard problem. This surgery is mainly used to restore bears if you are thinning, balding naturally, or have lost a beard due to an injury. Most beard transplants are done with your existing hair, so this surgery is effective. The loss of beard problem can be caused by genetic factors, scars, diseases, sometimes accidents, etc. This surgery is similar to hair transplantation. After beard transplant, the area’s density will look thicker, and a few months later, you can see the natural-looking beard follicles. Of course, as well as hair transplantation, beard transplantation is done differently for every patient.

Is Beard Transplant Effective?

A Beard transplant is considered an effective solution for those who have a beard loss problem or those beards lack thickness. It is effective because hair follicles are taken from the healthy areas that have high hair density and transplanted into the areas that balding in the beard or even mustache. There is not a 100 percent guarantee you will be happy with the results. However, you have to choose the best doctor and clinic for you. A professional doctor will evaluate your skin and make sure you are a good candidate. After transplantation, to see the best results, you have to wait at least 1 year. In the end, you will see if it is effective or not, but many patients are happy with the results.

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