Are Hair Transplants and Beard Transplants Permanent?

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In the modern world, most men tend to lose hair due to various external and genetic factors. These external factors can cause hair loss, such as unhealthy nutrition, use of chemical shampoo, medication use, drug abuse, and psychological stress. As for genetic factors, various health reasons, such as hormonal disorders, systemic diseases, hair growth disorders, and genetic family disorders, also cause hair loss. Hair loss due to these reasons, although there are additional treatments such as drugs and solutions, they do not give effective results as hair transplantation.

Hair Transplants are used for adding hair to areas where you have missing hair, and in the process back of your neck is used as a donor area, where thicker hair scalps are taken and transferred to places where the hair is missing. Moreover, Beard Transplants are used for circumstances in which patients have difficulty growing a beard or some other reasons for beard loss, such as stress or other dermatological diseases. With the latest technique of FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction), hair and beard transplants in both situations can be treated. Fue is the newest transplant technique with more effective results than FUT and ends with more satisfying results in which the satisfaction rate is %90. Follicular Unit Extraction is minimally invasive and helps patients to have a more comfortable healing period than traditional methods. Most patients can return to work and everyday activities in 48 hours without problems due to transplantation.

Furthermore, Hair Transplant treatment is a permanent treatment in terms of results, and your transplanted hair does not fall out; only a tiny part of it may fall out, which is very typical. Since the transplanted hair follicles do not shed and grow, it is possible to see the results at maximum levels between 2-6 months. However, hair loss can be observed in the areas of the patients where hair transplantation is not performed, and this may occur because the hair follicles complete their life span. As the transplaTheair and beard follicles continue showing the characteristics of their origin and growing for life, although they are in areas where hair loss is established, this situation is known as the domination of the donor area. These FUE transplants graft has high success in growing and having the characteristics of their origin of the scalps. From these perspectives, hair and beard transplants have impressive, long-lasting, permanent results. 

As a result, every individual who has experienced hair and beard loss for the above reasons can achieve more effective and long-term results with hair and beard transplantation and regain their lost hair. With the hair and beard transplantation made with the FUE technique, it is possible to achieve permanent results and preserve the results you obtain for a lifetime. Since the grafts made with the FUE technique maintain their original structure in the area where they were transferred, your hair follicles will continue to grow and develop, and they will never fall out. In this way, you will have healthy and effective results.

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