Affordable Otoplasty in Turkey (Is It Painful or Risk?)

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With the appropriate otoplasty in Turkey, you can have an aesthetic appearance instantly. Otoplasty in Turkey is at least three times cheaper than in many countries. You can also have a risk-free and painless experience with the otoplasty in Turkey. Read on for the details of proper otoplasty in Turkey!

Our ears are just one of our most important sense organs. However, some people’s ear shape problems significantly affect their self-confidence, especially in their work or social life. In particular, this problem can be much more psychologically impactful for children. With otoplasty or ear aesthetic procedures, this problem is no longer a problem and can be easily solved.

What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty or ear aesthetics is an aesthetic operation that is applied to affect the aesthetic appearance of your ears and aims to eliminate a problem called a prominent ear. Otoplasty operation is performed by looking at your facial features. Your hearing ability isn’t affected in any way during the process. Congenital and acquired deformities in your ears affect your life negatively. Thus, your self-confidence decreases. Otoplasty operations aim to eliminate deformities in your ears and to give your ears an aesthetic appearance.

Who is Otoplasty Suitable for in Turkey?

Otoplasty Turkey operation can be applied to all people who have deformities in their ears, ears larger than usual, ears smaller than average, and significant ear problems. After otoplasty, the issues that occur in the ear completely disappear, your self-confidence increases, and you gain an aesthetic appearance.

How is Otoplasty Performed in Turkey by Mono Clinic?

The otoplasty in Turkey is shaped according to the operation you want to have in your ear. You may want to have ear reduction surgery if you have large ears, prominent ear aesthetics if you have prominent ears, and earlobe reduction surgery if you have large earlobes. All these operations are gathered under the name of otoplasty.

The otoplasty procedure in Turkey aims to bring your cartilage tissue to the desired structure with an incision made behind your ear. It is a procedure that can be applied in children and adults, and it is usually performed under general anesthesia in children. This procedure can be used with optional local anesthesia in adults, but it is more preferred to be done with general anesthesia. It is preferable to do it before children start primary school, that is, before seven.

In Turkey, the otoplasty procedure is completed in approximately 1-2 hours. No infection problem is observed after otoplasty surgery. It is recommended to keep your incision area clean and to make your dressings regularly. If you follow the program recommended by our surgeon and meticulously use the given drugs, your recovery period will be shortened.

Is Otoplasty Painful or Risky?

A tiny scar may remain in the treated area. Since this scar remains behind the ear in prominent ear surgeries, it is invisible and small in earlobe surgeries. It is almost invisible from the outside and doesn’t bother the patient in daily life. Very little pains may appear after this procedure.

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