Birmingham Solihull Breast Reduction

The overly large size of breasts can be very uncomfortable for people especially while choosing top clothes or participating in physical activities; moreover, it may cause back, neck and shoulder pain. Birmingham Solihull breast reduction treatments offer the best solution for those who would like to achieve a much better life quality by reducing the size of their breasts.

Birmingham Solihull Breast Reduction Prices

Birmingham Solihull Breast reduction prices are very advantageous at Clinic Mono; to find out the details that are effective on the prices and the most inclusive packages, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Birmingham Solihull Breast Reduction Cost

Birmingham Solihull breast reduction cost can be most accurately found out after a consultation process that is performed with a qualified plastic surgeon; in this consultation, the specific condition of the patient should be carefully identified.

Birmingham Solihull Breast Reduction Advantages

Birmingham Solihull breast reduction is a very advantageous procedure providing patients with an increased life quality and a much more aesthetic body proportion.

Breast reduction helps patients to get rid of the back, neck and shoulder pain that s related to the overly large of their breasts.

After the operation, patients say that they feel much better and comfortable. while doing exercises or physical activities.

The better shape of the upper body makes it much easier to pick clothes and contributes a lot to the patient self-confidence.

Birmingham Solihull Breast Reduction Disadvantages

Birmingham Solihull breast reduction can be followed by some side effects like swelling, bruises or mil pain which are all temporary and can be controlled with proper medication.

Birmingham Solihull Breast Reduction Procedure

Birmingham Solihull breast reduction surgery takes around 2-3 hours; the whole procedure is performed under general anesthesia.

During the surgery, the plastic surgeon removes the extra skin, fat and tissues of breasts to achieve the ideal size of them.

Birmingham Solihull Breast Reduction Stages

Birmingham Solihull breast reduction stages are very important for a smooth and effective procedure; Clinic Mono is proud to provide patients with the best stages of breast reduction. Please contact us now and start your breast reduction journey with a consultation.


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