Are hair transplant worth it?

The question is probably at the top of your list of questions about the hair transplant procedure. Perhaps "how much will it hurt?" comes right before or after the question

The things that we question ‘whether it will be worth it‘ are usually the time and money we spend, especially when it is an optional aesthetic operation. Then we ask questions such as how much this process will affect my life, how long will the recovery take and what will the final result look like. They are all valid questions you should ask before deciding on any medical procedure.

Are Hair Transplant Worth It?

Hair transplant is a relatively expensive procedure. It can cost thousands of pounds. Moreover, it is a time consuming process. The process may take approximately eight hours to complete and up to a year for the results to fully become evident. There is also a recovery period of several weeks to take into account, including rest, taking time off from work and not doing anything strenuous.

After counting all these, we, as TecniFUE, think that the hair transplantation process is extremely worth the time and money spent. We can observe the feelings of the patients after hair transplantation. However, we only apply the hair transplant procedure to suitable patients with realistic chances of success. We have made it a principle to act honestly in this regard; If you are not a suitable candidate for hair transplantation, we tell you this clearly and we do not recommend hair transplantation.