Endoscopic Intragastric Balloon


Endoscopic Intragastric Balloon

Endoscopic intragastric balloon operation is a non-surgical weight loss method for obese people. In this method, the doctor does not make any holes in the patient or cut the patient. For this reason, patients can walk within a few hours after the surgery. Therefore, patients who are afraid of surgery prefer the gastric balloon.

Gastric Balloon Procedure

In the endoscopic gastric balloon operation, the doctor first gives anesthesia to the patient. Doctors send a balloon from the patients’ mouths to their stomachs. This balloon is in a deflated shape. Afterward, doctors inflate this balloon with a special liquid or air. After this procedure, the operation ends.

Stomach Balloon

After the operation, the stomach tries to digest the balloon. Therefore, patients may experience conditions such as nausea. In these cases, patients should be in contact with their doctor. Intragastric balloon turkey Thus, doctors can always help patients quickly.

Saline Balloon in Stomach

Doctors fill a blue-colored serum into the patient’s balloon. If there is any leakage in the balloon, the patient’s urine changes color. If the patients have urine of a different color, they should go to their doctor. Therefore, the blue serum helps patients to notice the problems they will experience early. Thus, doctors can intervene before it is too late.

Endoscopic Gastric Balloon

After a gastric balloon, patients should not eat unhealthy foods. Doctors also give patients a diet program after the operation. Patients should follow this diet program. At the end of one year, doctors remove the gastric balloon. Therefore, the diet program of the patients is an average of 6-12 months.

Endoscopic Intragastric Balloon

After the gastric balloon comes out, the patient should continue to eat a healthy diet. If the patient is fed unhealthy, he can quickly gain weight again. Therefore, patients should adapt a healthy diet to their lives. Thus, eating healthy food should be a habit.

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