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Vaginaplasty is a minimally invasive genital rejuvenation procedure performed to fix the deformities, stretching and loosening of the vagina tissues and muscles.

Due to the childbirth and aging, the vaginal tissues and muscles may get deformed and loosened; this condition may cause discomfort during sexual intercourse or while using tampons.

Vagina has a flexible structure; however, childbirth and aging can disrupt vaginas flexibility and cause excess skin and tissues as a result. This may also get resulted with visible gaping in the appearance of vagina. Vaginaplasty aims to remove the excess tissues and tighten the vagina canal in order to have an increased sensation during sexual intercourse, comfortable usage of tampons and aesthetic appearance of the genital part.

Vaginaplasty is not a procedure for psychology-related dysfunctions of vagina; before the operation, the diagnosis should be made accurately.

In Clinic Mono, vaginaplasty surgery cost is offer with a package concept; the all-inclusive treatment package covers all your accommodation, transfers, medication and meals. Clinic Mono designs the packages for the comfort and wellness of its patients. After your detailed consultation, you will be informed about the details of your treatment plan along with the all-inclusive package prices.

Vaginaplasty Procedure

Vaginaplasty is an invasive surgery which is performed under anesthesia. During the surgery the stretched muscles are tightened, the vagina canal is tightened by removing the excess skin and tissues out and the area is closed by the sutures. 

The surgery should be scheduled for the end of your menstrual cycle in order to prevent any discomfort causing from menstruation in the recovery period and speed up the healing process.

Recovery After Vaginaplasty

After the operation swelling, bruising, bleeding and some pain is normal. You will be prescribed with the proper medication in order to support your healing.

Most patients are able to walk after the surgery; however, you may feel pain in the operated area for a couple of days after the operation while walking.

There will be no visible scarring since the operation targets the inside of the vagina and the incisions are made there.

Most of the patients get back to work within a week after vaginaplasty surgery.

You should not use tampons, go swimming, take a bath or have a sexual intercourse for at least 6 weeks after the operation.

Heavy exercises along with activities like cycling and horseback riding should be avoided during the healing process.

The post-op instructions should be followed carefully in order to support the healing and minimize the side effects of the operation.

The results are usually permanent; however, if you plan to have a child for the future, it is advised to have the operation after you are done with childbirth process since a childbirth would make the vagina get back to its loosened form again.

Key Facts

·       Surgery Duration: 1-2 hours

·       Hospital Stay: 1 night

·       Possible Side Effects: Pain, bleeding, bruising, infection, swelling, changes in genital sensation

·       Recovery Time: 3-4 weeks

·       Anesthesia: General Anesthesia

In Clinic Mono, all the treatment plans are custom made for the patients; your treatment journey starts with an online consultation in which your individualized treatment plan is created and all your inquiries are replied by our dedicated medical consultants. In order to find out more about the all-inclusive package prices and treatment options, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.