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Clinic Mono was established with the vision of being a pioneer in İzmir, Turkey. As an authorized health tourism agency, Clinic Mono brings together the most qualified physicians and quality hospitals for patients. It offers high-quality treatments in aesthetic and reconstruction, obesity and metabolic surgeries, dentistry, hair transplant, and dermatology with the latest and advanced technologies.

By following the fundamentals of health and aesthetics and combining experience, cutting-edge technology, and high-quality medical service, Clinic Mono has established a distinguished influence locally and internationally.

Recent globally compelling developments have allowed international patients to feel much more comfortable discovering healthcare providers worldwide, as today it is easy and convenient to travel anytime and anywhere. Thanks to the groundbreaking position of Turkey as a favorable medical destination for various treatments, Clinic Mono has also announced its name to international patients.

All treatments and procedures in Clinic Mono are carried out by the law and with all legal permits; our international travel tourism certificate secures the rights of our international patients.

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To better engage in the idea of high-quality treatment with exclusive medical services, Clinic Mono has developed treatment packages in which every detail that one would possibly need for medical traveling purposes is considered; various treatment packages are formed for patients with different needs and expectations.

Each process in Clinic Mono is planned and takes place by prioritizing patient’s needs and comfort. Our patients have their treatments in Clinic Mono; they also enjoy their time and lovely holiday in Turkey. The dedicated Mono arrival team provides:

  • Luxury Aftercare Villa stay
  • Comfortable and centrally located hotels
  • Well organized transfer companies

Patients of Clinic Mono are not alone at any stage of their treatment journey; our Swedish, English, and German-speaking assistants will be at your service 7/24 before arrival, during the treatment, and after you get back to your country.

Clinic Mono intends to integrate the high-end clinical experience into the highest quality inclusive packages, in which everything you need is just one step, click, or a call away.

Would you please get in touch and consult our team to inquire about our treatment packages, including Mono Aftercare Villa stay? We are looking forward to meeting you!

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