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Aging is a natural and inevitable process of human life; although the visible signs of aging are usually concerning, it is a relief to know that there are remedies to reduce the effects of aging and to look youthful again.

Derma filler procedures have become very popular as a type of facial rejuvenation procedures today; derma fillers are gel-like substances containing hyaluronic acid collagens to be injected under the skin to treat the lines, wrinkles, folds and hollows in the facial area. Most popular areas which can be treated with derma filler injections are nasolabial folds, smile lines, deflated lips, hollow under eyes, thin cheeks, inconspicuous jawline.

Hyaluronic acid is a substance which is already a part of human’s natural skin structure. It is effective on keeping the skin hydrated and lively; it provides very natural results when used in a derma filler injection.

Derma fillers provide temporary results; after a certain time period, they will be absorbed by the body and lose their efficiency. The permanence of the derma fillers highly depends on the treated area and the skin structure; but then again they are mostly efficient for around 6-12 months. Due to the fact that they are very quick and practical procedures with the lowest number of side effects, they are very demanded by people.

In Clinic Mono, Juvéderm™, Teosyal ®, Yvoire®, Radiesse® and Aquashine products are used while performing derma filler procedures, all of which are the best quality and promising for long-lasting and satisfactory results.

Derma filler cost depends on which area(s) the patients would like to have injections. The amount and the application process may vary depending on the area and current condition of the patient; so does the cost. After a detailed consultation process, our medical consultants will inform you about derma filler costs.

Derma Filler Procedure

Derma filler procedures require a detailed consultation process in order to create an individualized treatment plan. It is significant to share all the medical information and expectation from the fillers with the surgeon and the medical consultant.

Numbing cream is applied to the concerned area to make the procedure more comfortable and painless for the patients; the derma filler is injected to the concerned area to restore a youthful appearance and desired shape.

There is no recovery process after derma filler procedures. The final results are visible immediately after the injection is completed. You can get back to your daily routine right after the procedure.

Mild swelling, increased sensitivity or bruising can be experienced for until a few days after the procedure.

Massaging the treated area may disrupt your results.

You should avoid sun exposure, heavy exercising and smoking for a few days after the procedure in order to prevent any complications and support the healing of the area.

Key Facts

·       Surgery Duration: 15 min.

·       Hospital Stay: No

·       Possible Side Effects: Mild pain, bleeding, bruising, infection, edema, swelling, changes on skin sensation, asymmetry

·       Recovery Time: No recovery time

·       Anesthesia: Numbing Cream

Clinic Mono is proud to have high number of satisfied derma filler patients; our doctors perform derma filler procedures with the best products and advanced techniques to achieve the best results. In order to get further information about derma fillers and other treatments, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.