I was always a big man. Never accepted that I am obese or over-weighted. I alwyas thought this is how I born and die. This was normal for our family. My mom and dad were obese too but we never thought that’s a problem. Until I lost my father due to weight related heart failure… After a couple months later my eating habits got worse. I was dealing with my problem by eating. I ate and ate and ate and ate non-stop. Eating was an escape for me. I was already 120kg before I lost my faster but a year later my weight was 160. I was about to lose my mobility, I couldnt walk long distences. During a regular check-up my doc said I have vascular occlusion, like my father. I needed to lose some weight but it was impossible. I tried diet but failed, I tried exercising but I couldnt… Then I started to search surgical methods. I searched it online for a while then I saw “Mono Obesity Clinic”. Their results were amazing on their IG page. I was very curious about Mono. I contacted them and get a reply back in 2 hours. One of the medical consultants called me and explained every single detail about the operation. I was shocked because they already answered all of my questions even before I ask them Finally when I made my decision about the operation and they took care of everything. All I did was buying a flight ticket. I was very nervous before arriving Turkey but all of the people were amazing. They literally know what they are doing. I met my surgeon before operation and he is a wonderful man. He talked to me like half hour, explained everything, comforted me and I realized I made the perfect decision by choosing Mono. Their hospitality is amazing. I never felt lonely during my trip, there were always some one to help me. Even if I tried to contact my consultant late at night he answered me. It’s been 3 months after my surgery and I already lost 35kg. Thank you guys, I love you all. You changed my life