I heard about Clinic Mono through a friends friend who had a mummy make over and created a vlog about her experience which was all positive so I was referred to this place through a person that had used then rather than any advertising. From the initial contact they were very responsive, professional and supportive personally, we were in contact through Whatsapp after the initial emails. I arrived in Izmir airport to be greeted by the Clinic Mono driver who was very pleasant and took me back to the villa that was shared with other patients some pre-op, some post-op all very pleasant and had a good laugh. The villa was posh, clean and tidy, I had the basement room which was actually very nice! As I arrived very late on Saturday night, I had a whole day before the procedure to relax then on Monday morning I was collected by a Clinic Mono member of staff that spoke good English and chaperoned my around to have all the pre-ops test carried out such as paperwork, bloods, ECG etc. I didn’t need to have COVID-19 test as I’d had one recently but if you need one that would be £40. I was put into my own room in the hospital where all the staff were professional. My surgeon (Nazmi) came for the consultation with his blue marker pen and we agreed on the plan for the procedure. Despite my extensive research the surgeon advised about lipo suction in places where I hadn’t thought to and advised against places I thought I needed. I also had breast uplift and tummy tuck. The operation started at 11am and I woke at 4pm, don’t get me wrong, this was the tough part, I was freezing cold, shaking and thirsty. The nurses looked after me well with extra blankets. I struggled during the night as the red alarm cord was out of reach and my phone also. They did finally bring me water and put the wifi code in my phone. We returned to the villa the next day and the housekeeper was absolutely fantastic, she helped me to walk, wash and eat. I would advise having better pillows perhaps v-shaped and also walking frames. All in all a very positive experience, the recovery is up to me now! Thanks so much to all the staff you are great!