Smile design cosmetic dentistry İzmir

Smile design cosmetic dentistry İzmir

It is possible to have detailed information about the procedures of fake teeth İzmir through our dental clinic. Smile design cosmetic dentistry İzmir It is also known as implant tooth and it can be applied to people who do not have any problems with the jawbone and gums. In order to support implants, the success rate of the treatment is much higher in people with strong bone structure. Thanks to the screws that are professionally placed into the jawbone, the reconstruction of the tooth roots is provided. Those who have difficulties in performing functions such as eating, speaking and chewing can have professional dental practices through our dental clinic.

İzmir Implant

Our dental clinic in Izmir provides functional and aesthetic solutions to your tooth deficiency problems. Dental implant Tooth Turkey  It allows you to live a more confident life by replacing your missing teeth. İzmir implant treatment is performed by specialist dentists and you can achieve a great deal of success. It is possible to solve your dental problems by taking advantage of solutions that are permanent for many years. The implant placed in the jawbone helps your teeth to regain function without damaging the surrounding teeth. Professional İzmir implant procedures are performed after the suitability of the patients is determined by x-rays.

The Best Dental Implant Doctor in Izmir

Our staff, who specializes in the best dental implant doctor in Izmir, Dental implant treatment Izmir goes through all the steps meticulously before and during the procedure. Since dental implant operations are procedures that require surgical intervention, it is important to plan them precisely. The route followed by our dentists is generally as follows:

  • Detailed dental examination with x-rays and various imaging techniques,
  • Informing the dentist about the drugs used by the patients,
  • Determination of the number of teeth to be applied and analysis of the remaining teeth,
  • Which anesthesia will be used during the operation,
  • Informing the patient about what to pay attention before and after the operation.

Fake teeth İzmir procedures include many stages. It is a process that requires qualification, from the removal of damaged teeth to the placement of the artificial tooth.

Izmir Implant Advice

Our dental clinic, which is the leading dental clinic in Izmir implant advice, performs your dental implant treatments with its specialist dentists. Generally, implants made of titanium material are placed in the root of the tooth, and dental prostheses are placed on them. Dental Implant Turkey Implants that replace natural tooth roots provide the restoration of dental functions. In addition to functionality, the expectations of people who are not satisfied with aesthetic care due to missing teeth are met. If you are looking for dentists with high experience in the field for your dental and dental root problems in Izmir, you can get support from our clinic.

Izmir Implant Prices

Izmir implant prices vary depending on the scope of the procedures and the experience of the dentist. Before the treatment is applied, patients should undergo detailed examinations and planning. As a result of the planning, the number of teeth to be placed and the scope of the procedure are determined. You can contact our dental clinic and make your appointments to have detailed information about implant and dental implant fees.





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