Porcelain Tooth İzmir

Porcelain Tooth İzmir

If you are interested in Porcelain Tooth İzmir procedure, you can make an appointment with our clinic immediately.

Thanks to this process, your problems caused by aesthetic anxiety will be solved in a very fast process.

Porcelain crown has an aesthetic color. You can also get this procedure to treat your teeth with problems such as damaged, post-traumatic fractures and cracks.

Your dentist will recommend you a porcelain crown procedure in many problems related to your oral and dental health. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure can help you reduce your concerns before the procedure.

Porcelain Tooth Advantages

It is possible to talk about many situations regarding the advantages of porcelain teeth. It is possible to obtain an aesthetic smile by having the treatment for the upper teeth and front teeth, which are the first to be seen during the smile.

  • Your teeth become stronger and in a better state in terms of function.
  • With your smile design procedure, Porcelain tooth prices İzmir you will have the opportunity to achieve the smile you dream of.
  • It prevents the formation of caries by helping to protect your teeth.
  • It fits with your dentures or bridges.

Porcelain Teeth Disadvantages

There are some cases disadvantages of porcelain tooth. These are;

  • It does not allow to apply too much pressure while biting.
  • They cannot be used for a long time during chewing and biting. Therefore, it is preferred to use in the front parts rather than back teeth.
  • They may need to be renewed after a while.

Porcelain Tooth Prices İzmir

When the porcelain tooth prices are searched in İzmir, first of all, your intraoral tissues are evaluated in terms of procedure.

Not every individual may have the appropriate anatomical structure and tissues for crowns. You also need to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages and make a decision.

After you have made your decision, Porcelain Tooth Cost Turkey you can inform your dentist about which teeth you would like to have treated and your expectations.

Afterwards, your dentist will give you detailed information about porcelain tooth prices in Izmir. Dental Implant Turkey As at this stage, you should not forget that you have a say in every stage of the procedure and you should not hesitate to tell your dentist your own opinion.

Leaf (Laminate) Porcelain Veneer İzmir

Porcelain laminate is used in the treatment of leaf porcelain teeth İzmir. Porcelain laminates are used to cover the front part of your own teeth.

It is named for its leaf-like shape. Thanks to this procedure, the shape, position and color of people’s teeth can be designed.

Compared to other types of porcelain, it is demanded by more individuals because less teeth need to be cut.

It is a material that helps to achieve a very natural and aesthetic smile and it feels like a real natural tooth thanks to its translucent structure.

Thanks to its light transmission feature, it will not allow a matte appearance and it will not be distinguished from your teeth.





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