Is A Diet Necessary Before Obesity Surgery?


As soon as you decide on obesity surgery, you will also change your dietary habits. After the operation, you will diet, learn to eat healthily, and thus lose weight quickly. So, do you need to diet before obesity surgery?

The answer to that would be definitely yes! 

There is a vital link between obesity surgery and diet. You should start the support you will receive from your dietitian at least two weeks before the surgery, not after the procedure. If you’re already tired of years of failed diets, this may sound not good to you. However, this diet is very different from standard diets, both in terms of application and purpose. This diet is essential to prepare you for both the procedure and the new lifestyle change you will experience after the surgery.

How Does Dieting Before Obesity Surgery Contribute To Treatment?

First, diet broadly prepares your body for surgery. Thanks to this two week diet, you will also control many diseases like high cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes. Thus, you will minimize the risk of complications you may experience during the surgery.

This diet also reduces your body fat ratio. Fatty liver, if you are an obesity patient, you can also have it to certain degrees. The more severe this problem, the more difficult it will be to reach the stomach during surgery. In addition, all risks will increase, up to liver injuries and bleeding. Therefore, it is essential to reduce your intra-abdominal fat, especially liver.

Studies have shown that a tow week diet before obesity surgery treats your liver problems as effectively as a six month diet. This diet also reduces the risks. If you lose a small amount of weight before the surgery, your risks will decrease significantly.

What Kind of Diet Should You Have Before Obesity Surgery?

Although your diet will vary for everyone, it should be a low-fat, low-calorie, protein-rich and liquid-based diet. This diet should not force you too much psychologically. In addition, you should stay away from cigarettes, alcohol, carbohydrates and fatty foods for two weeks. You should also not consume acidic and sugary drinks. Since liquid foods leave your stomach much faster, you can frequently consume light and unsweetened herbal teas without restricting meals during this period.

However, you should eat protein-weighted and start protein supplements if necessary, and choose foods with low fat and carbohydrate content. You should eat your meals slowly and by chewing a lot, you should avoid filling your stomach.

You should prefer semi-solid and soft foods until the last two days and switch to a liquid diet for the previous two days. Don’t forget to drink enough water during this process. You should not consume anything the night before the operation, including water.

If you wonder what to do before and after obesity surgery, you can contact us immediately and talk to our specialist surgeons. This process is very important for you and you can turn the results of the procedure in your favor by taking the right steps.

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