Can Acid Reflux Patients Have Obesity Surgery?


You suffer from acid reflux and are considering obesity surgery. Probably the following question comes to your mind: ‘can acid reflux patients have obesity surgery?’ 

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This condition, also called gastroesophageal reflux, is a condition in which stomach acid and its contents escape into the oesophagus. Stomach acid and contents escaping into the oesophagus can cause oesophagal irritations. The severity of this leakage is critical. Usually, your reflux symptoms aren’t very severe, and your symptoms are likely mild.

Which Obesity Surgery is the Most Appropriate for Acid Reflux Patient?

The type of surgery for acid reflux patients is a very curious subject. The type of surgery depends on the severity of your reflux, your other health problems and your doctor’s evaluation of you. If your acid reflux isn’t severe, even if you have a hiatal hernia, the surgeon can repair your hernia and perform your sleeve gastrectomy surgery with the same surgery. 

If your acid reflux is very severe, if there are significant cell changes at the entrance of the oesophagus in the endoscopy and pathology report, the surgeon’s preference for surgery may be different. In this case, you will be able to choose surgeries that cause malabsorption and reduce the pressure in the stomach.

What Should Reflux Patients Consider Before Deciding on the Type of Surgery?

The plus and minus balances of the procedure are significant when deciding on the type of surgery in acid reflux patients. Not every patient with acid reflux undergoes complex and malabsorption surgery. Because malabsorption surgeries may have complications, changes in life comfort, and additional problems such as lifelong vitamin and mineral use. 

Gastric sleeve gastrectomy should always be the first choice for a simple acid reflux patient. The preference of international authorities is generally in favour of sleeve gastrectomy surgery in patients without severe acid reflux diagnosis.

Can A Person with Gastritis Have Obesity Surgery?

If you have gastritis in your stomach, your doctor will first investigate the cause. The doctor looks for the presence of helicobacter pylori, the most common cause of this. This may be a breath test or an endoscopic biopsy. If your doctor detects bacteria, you can apply for an obesity operation after drug treatment.

In deep ulcers or other problems, this treatment process should completely heal the stomach’s inner layer. If necessary, you should perform gastric endoscopy before the operation.

Can There Be A Weight Loss Surgery with Acid Reflux?

This question is also frequently discussed in medical circles. Patients with gastritis can have any type of weight loss surgery after treatment. The situation is different in acid reflux. The first of these is the sleeve gastrectomy operation. Increasing reflux cases are common after sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Therefore, gastric bypass operation is recommended instead of sleeve gastrectomy operation for obese patients with reflux complaints before the procedure. After this application, we see that the acid reflux problem disappears.

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