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Hair Transplant in Turkey

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What is A Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure in which the healthy hair follicles of patients are harvested via suitable techniques from suitable parts of the body and transplanted into the hair loss area to achieve natural and successful results.

Hair transplants have been popular hair restoration treatments for a long time now; transplant techniques and technologies are constantly developing for better and more desired results. The procedure offers a smooth operation and a comfortable recovery. Unlike many other hair loss treatments, the success rate is relatively high, and the results are permanent.

Hair loss is a significant aesthetic problem experienced by a considerable proportion of people worldwide. It may affect people’s self-confidence, social interactions, and self-esteem at a considerable rate. Although many different treatment methods are available, the most effective and preferred hair restoration treatment has been hair transplants in Turkey.

Chosen and Recommended Hair Transplant by Celebrities

“I am going to tell you about my full on experience from beginning until now at Mono Clinic.”

So, at the start, as a man, as I’m 35 and I had massive receding hairline for my industry for my business, for taking pictures and everything, I was not happy. And we found Mono Clinic. Day 1, I had my blood test taken; I got brought back to the amazing villa with the pool and fantastic room. So they picked me up on the day of my surgery and took me to the surgery.

From arriving at sitting in the chair and having the actual hair put in my head and surgery start with a matter of 30 minutes. So we said hello to everyone. I was ready on the way. Within 4 hours, they were nearly done.

Any questions I might have had, Mono Clinic and the fantastic staff who were all around- and you-have made me feel at ease and made everyone feel perfect. I have been in constant contact with the Mono Clinic team. Not only around us, they have been taking me places and showing me around but also the surgeons and the actual Mono Clinic team with who I talked within the UK. They’ve been in constant contact making sure I’m OK, making sure there is anything I need, and any questions I need answering. There has been no pain; there has been no blood, no aches, no tears, no nothing; as soon as I got it done, just smiles.”

Jordan Darrell-Creative Director and Choreographer of Dream Boys

Hair Transplant in Mono Clinic

Mono Clinic is proud to offer the best quality treatments at the most affordable cost in Turkey for international hair loss patients. For the most desired results, Mono Clinic always follows the latest developments and adopts them successfully.

In Mono Clinic Hair Transplant Services;

The treatments are performed by the most talented and experienced hair transplant specialists in Turkey.

According to the success rate of its results, the Istanbul hair transplant centre is one of the leading hair transplant clinics globally. Izmir hair transplant is the only permanent long-term solution for baldness in Turkey.

Accommodation at Mono Aftercare Villa or 5 Star Hotel:

Mono does not leave its patients alone throughout their stay; in Mono Aftercare Villa, a medical consultant and cooking&cleaning staff will be at your service 24/7

All VIP Transfers

All Mono patients are picked up from the airport by VIP vehicles on arrival regardless of the day and the time.

Personal Assistant Reachable 7/24

Our Operations Department will be ready to answer any questions you may have regarding your itinerary and other details throughout your journey.

Clinic Mono arranges every detail carefully for their patients and offers very affordable, all-inclusive treatment packages for hair transplant Turkey; you just need to buy your flight tickets and enjoy your time here in Turkey. All of your arrival details will be arranged with our arrival assistants from the best facilities available.

How to Get a Quick Consultation?

  • Share your contact details; our medical consultant will reach you in 24 hours.
  • Explain your desired result from Hair Transplant and submit your pictures for consultation.
  • Get a personalized treatment plan and quote for all-inclusive Hair Transplant treatment package.

Best Package Prices

Mono Hair Transplant Clinic offers the most affordable all-inclusive package prices without compromising quality principles; there will be no hidden costs coming out when you arrive and you will get the maximum number of grafts depending on your scalp structure.

Latest Technology

Techniques we use for Hair Transplant, allow us to work with the most developed technologic devices and this leads us to permanent and natural results.

Quality Service

Everything arranged is chosen among the best quality facilities in Turkey: luxury Mono Aftercare Villa special for patients, agreements with centrally located 5 Star Hotels and comfortable VIP transfers are the best in the city.

Experienced Staff

Best team wait fror you. your changing journey wiil be so incredable with our consultation team and our doctors.

Special Group Discounts

You have a friend who also wants to have a Hair Transplant in Turkey? Bring your friends and get a group booking discount!

Flexibility on Appointments

You decided to book but you do not know the dates? You can book for your Hair Transplant treatment and pick a date for your operation within 12 months. Mono Arrival Team will contact you and help you to pick your date.

Get a Personalized Treatment Plan Online
Mono Hair Transplant Clinic offers free online consultation made with our experienced medical consultants and hair transplant specialist doctor. Our medical consultants will reach you and inform you about the procedure and all the process; we will create a personalized treatment plan according to your expectations, health condition and opinion of our hair transplant specialist on your condition.

What is FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE hair transplant is the most common method of hair transplant. With FUE hair transplant London, the FUE method allows the transplant of the chest and back hair. Those hair adapts to features of hair at the transplant site and survives with the same appearance. Hair transplant is a surgical method of hair restoration. Modern hair transplant surgery offers natural and undetectable results.

Mono Clinic arranges every detail carefully for their patients and offers very affordable, all-inclusive treatment packages for hair transplants in Turkey. You need to buy your flight tickets and enjoy your time here in Turkey. All of your arrival details will be arranged with our arrival assistants from the best facilities available.

Key Facts of the Procedure
Operation duration: 3-6 hours
Recovery: Patients can get back to daily life within a day, wounds will disappear in 15 days.
Stay: 4-5 days in our Mono Villa or contracted 5 Star Hotel.
Risks and Complications: Scars, bleeding, infection, swelling, itching.
Sedation: Local Anesthesia
Results: Between 6-12 months, hair growth cycle settles and results become visible.

Hair Transplant Procedures in Turkey

A hair transplant operation requires medical proficiency, experience and related qualifications to achieve a desirable and natural result. Turkey has been the most popular destination for a long time now. Those seeking a hair transplants in Turkey provide:

  • The best quality services.
  • High success rates on the results.
  • Low prices.
  • So many tourist attractions around the country.

Because of the currency differences, cheap daily life costs, lower labour costs and the high number of active practices in this branch, hair transplant in Turkey has become advantageous for the UK and European patients.

Can I have A Hair Transplant? Get A Free Online Consultation!

The advantageous location of Mono Clinic in Turkey gives the patients a chance to have a good and affordable holiday in a wonderful and exotic city along with their hair transplant treatment. You will be greeted by our experienced international team at the airport and accompanied to the professional and hospitable environment of Mono hair transplant.

Our team will be there for you on 7/24 through your stay. The hospital and the clinic are internationally accredited facilities equipped with the latest technological devices and following strict medical, hygienic principles. Your treatment plan will be done delicately by providing you with the maximum number of aesthetically and medically appropriate grafts for your condition. A hair transplant specialist doctor will do your procedure with a success rate of %90 up to %100 on hair regrowth.

Our medical consultants are looking forward to proceeding with your online consultation and replying to your inquiries. Mono Clinic is proud to offer a unique hair transplant in Turkey for international patients.

  • Highly qualified and experienced team

Hair transplant Turkey experience in Mono Clinic starts with an online consultation covered by dedicated and knowledgeable medical consultants. They will answer all the questions, inform you about the procedures and give you a detailed hair analysis for your specific condition. Mono Clinic’s hair transplant specialists are fully-qualified, experienced and talented; the success rate of procedures performed by them are %90 up to %100.

  • Quality services and aftercare

Hair transplant treatments in Mono Clinic are designed for international patients’ comfort; every treatment detail is arranged with the most quality services and facilities. All-inclusive hair transplant packages aim to provide a holiday-like treatment journey beside the most successful results.

  • Most affordable package prices

Mono Clinic’s package price is the most affordable hair transplant cost Turkey. Unlike many hair transplant clinics, Mono Clinic doesn’t set the price according to the number of grafts but provides the maximum number of grafts at a fixed treatment price. Our medical consultants are looking forward to proceeding with your online hair transplant Turkey consultation and replying to your inquiries.

Fast Facts
Procedure:Taking individual hair grafts from the back or the sides of the head and transplant into to balding parts (recipient area).
Duration:3 to 8 hours
Stay:4 nights hotel & Vills
Anesthesia:Local or General anesthesia
Shaving:Yes (3 months after with scissors)
Recovery:3 to 5 days to return to work
PRP Treatment:Yes (to stimulate hair growth and fasten the healing process)
What to bring:Comfortable clothes (sweatshirts, button-down or zipped shirt etc.)
Side Effect:No
Exercise:After 2 to 4 weeks
Hair Wash:After 14 days
Pain:None to slight
Results:Permanent (with 98% success rate)
Multiple surgeries:Beard transplant, dentistry, liposuction

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Is Hair Transplant Effective?

Hair transplant is a very effective method against hair loss. In a hair transplant, doctors transfer the patient’s hair. Therefore, patients have a natural appearance after surgery. Thus, patients may not be able to notice that they have had hair transplant surgery. Also, patients have the opportunity to have an unshaved hair transplant. Thanks to unshaved hair transplants, patients can make hair transplants without changing their appearance. Doctors apply PRP treatment to patients in a hair transplant operation. Thus, the hair of the patients grows faster and thicker. PRP treatment increases the effectiveness of hair transplants.

Is Hair Transplant Permanent?

In a hair transplant, doctors use the patient’s hair on the nape of the neck. Hair in the nape area never falls out. Therefore, the patient’s hair will not fall out after a hair transplant. That’s why a hair transplant is a permanent operation. Doctors examine patients before surgery to learn the permanence of hair follicles. If patients don’t have significant disease, a hair transplant is permanent for patients. If the hair on the patient’s neck is also lost, doctors look for different hair follicles for a hair transplant operation. Doctors can select these hair follicles from other parts of the body.

Is Hair Transplant Successful?

Hair transplant has a high success rate. Patients lose their hair in the first few months after surgery. Then the patient’s hair begins to grow more abundantly. At the end of one year, the patient will have the ideal hair length. Thus, patients can see success in hair transplants. The clinic shares before-after photos so that patients can understand the success rate. Therefore, doctors try to maximize permanence.

Is Hair Transplant Expensive?

Hair transplant prices vary for various reasons. Therefore, patients should contact the clinic to learn about hair transplant prices. Patients can find different contact addresses on the clinic’s website. The best ways of communication are texting on WhatsApp and calling by phone. Therefore, patients can communicate with the clinic using these methods. Also, hair transplant prices vary according to the preferences of the patients. Patients have FUE or DHI and different hair transplant techniques with or without shaving. Therefore, patients can access cheap hair transplants.

Is Hair Transplant Worth the Money?

Patients have a tremendous positive change in their appearance after a hair transplant. Therefore, many patients prefer hair transplants for hair loss. Patients share their positive reactions after a hair transplant with the clinic and their friends. Also, doctors use the latest technology tools for hair transplants. That’s why, in terms of price performance, hair transplant is an operation worth its money. It is the best way for patients to get information about prices by contacting the clinic.

Is Hair Transplant Surgery Worth It?

After the hair transplant, patients don’t experience hair loss again. Since it has a permanent effect, a hair transplant is often worth it. Doctors examine patients before hair transplant. If patients have any doubts about hair transplants, they should share them with their doctor. Patients can get information by calling the clinic by phone if they wish. Clinic staff and doctors can tell patients about all the information about hair transplants

Hair Transplant Reviews Turkey

Turkey offers many advantages to patients who come to Turkey for hair transplants. The hair transplant clinic in Turkey has the latest technology hair transplant equipment in the world. Likewise, the clinic serves patients with a staff of doctors who are experts in hair transplants. Therefore, the hair transplant clinic in Turkey has a high success rate in hair transplants. Thus, patients are satisfied with hair transplants in Turkey. Also, when patients come to Turkey for hair transplants, they can have a short vacation in Turkey. Turkey has many beautiful places, both historical and natural. Patients can visit historical sites such as Hagia Sophia and Cappadocia. Also, they can enjoy the Mediterranean in regions such as Bodrum and Antalya.

Hair Transplants What is It?

Hair has great importance in people’s appearance. That’s why people care a lot about their hair. Although they care, people can have hair loss problems. In this case, a hair transplant is a more effective and guaranteed solution than all other solutions against hair loss. The most basic hair transplant definition is that doctors transfer the patient’s hair follicle from an area to a bald area. Thus, patients have their hair in another part of their head. After a hair transplant, there is no hair deficiency in the donor area of the patients. In other words, patients have natural and full hair after a hair transplant.

Hair Transplant What To Expect?

In the first few months after hair transplant surgery, patients begin to lose their new hair. Patients should not worry while this hair loss occurs. After hair loss, the hair of the patients will start to grow again. At the end of 6-12 months, patients’ hair will have an average length. After that, patients can make any decisions, such as cutting and dyeing with their hair.

What To Do After Hair Transplant?

Patients should do the first washing procedure a few days after hair transplant. During the first wash, patients should treat hair follicles very gently. Therefore, patients can come to the clinic if they want. In the clinic, doctors perform the first washing procedure without damaging the hair follicles of the patients. Then, patients can continue their lives by staying away from hot environments like a sauna. Doctors generally don’t recommend that patients do hard work and exercise shortly after the operation. Patients can continue to do their office work.

When Don’t Hair Transplants Work?

The failure rate in hair transplants is meagre. Specialist doctors perform hair transplant surgery with the latest technology tools. Therefore, there is no risk for patients to worry about the success rate of hair transplants.

Are Hair Transplants Good?

Hair transplant doesn’t cause any dangerous or harmful effects for patients. On the contrary, patients feel happier after hair transplant surgery. After a hair transplant, patients start to be more accessible in their image and feel more self-confident. Thus, hair transplantation has a positive effect on the psychology of the patients.

What Does Hair Transplant Cost?

Hair transplant fees vary according to the conditions and preferences of the patients. Therefore, each patient’s hair transplant surgery may have a different price. Therefore, patients should contact the hair transplant clinic and explain their situation. Patients don’t have to come to the clinic for information. It is effortless to reach the hair transplant clinic via the website or by calling. Patients can request an illustrated online examination by communication means. The clinic requires several different photos from patients. Thanks to these photos, doctors can comment on patients’ conditions. Thus, patients get answers to all their questions from the clinic.

Hair Transplant Turkey

The person’s hairstyle, hair colour, and short hair length reflect stance, taste, style, and tastes in life. Your hair’s business reflects the youth, while the absence of hair causes old perceptions. The person who experiences hair loss feels socially and culturally incomplete and has a loss of self-confidence.

Hair transplant through Turkey wants to make the hair transplant process can make both practical and pretty good. Hair should not be washed or touched by water for three days after hair transplant. After three days, the first wash is performed in the hair transplant centre. It is important not to get into the sea and, in particular, into the pool, don’t use boiling water when taking a shower and don’t expose the hair to high-pressure water. Some of these include avoiding hair-fixing gel and spray during the procedure, which can take up to six months after hair transplant.

Also, it is essential to stay away from dusty, polluted environments, stop consuming alcohol and cigarettes, and not do strenuous activities.

When Does Hair Transplanted Hair Start Growing?

The occurrence of red spots and crusting on the scalp during the healing process is a highly normal situation that patients should not worry about, and it passes in a short time. In the second process, which starts a few weeks after the hair transplant process and can last up to six months, the weak hair is shed, and then new hair begins to grow. Most of the hair will grow in about 6 to 9 months after the operation. However, it may take up to 1 year for the hair to fully grow back to its final shape.

Are Hair Transplants Haram?

Attaching the hair, which is a part of the human, is like a spare part. As can be seen, using wigs, hair transplant has similar aspects as well as different aspects. For this reason, it isn’t possible to say “hair transplant is haram like using a wig” because a hair transplant is a procedure performed with one’s hair.

Secondly, it may be permanent and in some way not mean to be deceived.

Thirdly, it can be considered as a treatment. For this reason, it cannot be said that hair transplant is forbidden.

Are Hair Transplants Forever?

A hair transplant is a permanent procedure. Genetically, testosterone has a hair-shedding effect. However, hair follicles transplanted in hair transplants are resistant to this effect. Hair transplanted in hair transplant continues to remain in the transplanted area for life.

If you want to have a hair transplant, we strongly recommend that you do it. The appearance it provides to you is a prevailing situation to answer the “are hair transplants forever” question.

Why Mono Clinic is A Privilege for Patients Seeking Best Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Mono Clinic offers privileged hair transplant Turkey experiences with personalized treatment plans, successful results and the most affordable prices for international patients seeking the best hair transplant in Turkey. The priorities of hair transplant procedures in Mono Clinic are safety, well-being, and satisfaction.

Hair transplant Turkey treatment is a method frequently used by people with hair loss problems today. Hair transplant is done to add more hair to an area that may be thinning or balding—hair transplant methods. In general, the process of hair transplant involves two parts.

Hair loss in society can be seen in both men and women. It is a health problem that affects a person’s life quality negatively. To preserve our significant place among hair transplants in Turkey, we keep our procedures up to date and involve the newest technologies and medical advancements in our treatments rapidly and expertly.

Mono Clinic values the overall hair transplant Turkey experience and arranges all the details about the treatment journey for those looking for the best quality hair transplant clinic in Turkey with high-quality services and facilities to achieve the maximum level of patients’ comfort and content.

Mono Clinic package of hair transplant in Turkey includes;

  • Accommodation
  • VIP transfers
  • Maximum number of grafts with suitable technique
  • Medications and shampoos
  • First washing session
  • Itinerary support
  • Multilingual personal assistant

Mono Clinic Organizes Every Detail of Your Hair Transplant in Turkey in Advance

For the convenience of your Turkey hair transplant treatment, the dedicated Mono Clinic team arranges all the details of your journey before your arrival. Mono Clinic medical consultants will assist you with all of your questions and concerns from the online consultation until you achieve your results. The Mono Clinic team for hair transplant in Turkey will help you with everything you need about your travel route to save time, money and effort.

  • FUE hair transplant
  • DHI hair transplant
  • Organic hair transplant
  • Unshaven hair transplant
  • Long hair transplant
  • Facial hair transplant

FUE hair transplant is a joint aesthetic surgery for the permanent solution of baldness. All the facilities included in your package are delicately selected from the city’s most quality, hygienic, and comfortable options. Mono Clinic has a beautiful aftercare villa near the city centre and 5-star, luxury partner hotels to provide all patients with maximum comfort in their Turkey hair transplant aftercare process.

Another privilege of Mono Clinic for hair transplants in Turkey is the ideal clinical and hospital environment; centrally located clinics and hospitals, all equipped with the newest technological opportunities, offer our patients a luxurious and hygienic environment. The advantageous location of Mono Clinic gives the patients a chance to have an excellent and affordable holiday in a lovely and exotic city along with their best hair transplant in Turkey treatment.

Mono Clinic’s hair transplant specialists are internationally certified. The treatments offered by our hair transplant clinic have a success rate of 90% to 100%. The method used by our talented specialists allows us to take advantage of the most advanced technological devices of the branch, bringing us to the most effective and natural results.

Your assigned medical consultant will continue to assist you and follow the progress of your hair transplant results after you get back to your country; we will be only a call or a message away anytime you need.

Personalized and Extensive Hair Transplant Turkey Treatment Plan

The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey will not depend on the number of grafts required for your condition. The maximum number of grafts needed by your hair loss area will be determined at your hair transplant consultation in Turkey, and your treatment plan will not change the overall package cost. The first washing session after the procedure will be done in our hair transplant clinic by the hair transplant specialists before you get back home for the safe recovery of the surgical site. The medications, shampoos and lotions you will need to support your hair regrowth after the hair transplant in Turkey will be covered in the inclusive package.

We will be delighted to see you at Mono Clinic for the best hair transplant in Turkey. Please fill out the free consultation form to contact us; our dedicated medical consultants are looking forward to assessing your particular hair loss condition and initiating your Turkey hair transplant experience.

Turkish Hair Transplant Results

With a Turkish hair transplant, you can really achieve the results you desire. We also ensure that the results are permanent by applying the most innovative techniques in the Turkey hair transplant procedure.

In general, most of the time, the problem of hair loss is temporary, and your hair may grow back over time without even the need for medication. However, in some cases, your hair loss problem may become chronic and last a lifetime. For this, you can consider our care preferences.

Turkey hair transplant before and after photos will give you essential tips. With the development of the FUE hair transplant procedure, it has become possible to get near-perfect results with this procedure.

When Can You Understand the Final Results After Hair Transplant?

You must know that it will take some time before you see the final effects of the Turkish hair transplant procedure. That’s why you have to be extremely careful. In general, how long your hair transplant results will last ultimately varies from person to person. A few weeks after the procedure, your newly transferred hair will start to fall out. 


This should not mean that the hair transplant procedure isn’t working and should not bother you because this is part of the normal process and is temporary.

You can see the Turkey hair transplant results clearly in three months. By the third month, we begin to clearly see the growth of new healthy hair from the grafts, generally known as the anagen process. Until you start noticing the growth of new hair, you can easily understand the sure normality on your scalp and the effects you will see as a result.

However, it should not be forgotten that you can see that your new hair starts to grow generally from the fourth month with a Turkish hair transplant. Nine months after the Turkish hair transplant, you will be more or less ready to see the final results. Approximately 6 to 9 months after the Turkey hair transplant procedure, the growth rate of your hair increases significantly, and within 12 to 18 months, all your transferred hair effectively completes its development.

Why is Post-Hair Transplant Care Important?

After the Turkish hair transplant procedure, it is essential to care for your hair according to our surgeon’s instructions. Because if your hair is not cared for, it can fall out again or cannot complete its development. However, there are different techniques that our surgeon may prefer to perform the hair transplant procedure. For this reason, your healing process will also differ depending on which of these practical approaches our surgeon will choose. In any case, it is essential that you strictly follow the precise instructions that our surgeon will give you during your rehabilitation. These recommendations mean that you can heal safely and greatly help you achieve much more effective results with a Turkey hair transplant.


In general, hair transplant cost worldwide is calculated according to the number of grafts. However, the cost of hair transplants in Turkey is not calculated according to the number of grafts. Hair transplant cost in Turkey is generally presented in the form of package costs for each procedure. Hair transplant cost in Turkey vary according to the clinic, location, surgeon’s experience, the details of the packages, and the quality of the service provided. However, the hair transplant Turkey cost is much cheaper than in other countries.

It would be best to do market research for the cost of a hair transplant and to choose the one with the most significant details and service quality from the packages at close prices. If the costs are much above or below the average, approaching cautiously would be much more correct.

Hair transplant works to eliminate the problem of baldness, which is a common problem for both men and women. A hair transplant is the most permanent and practical way to regain your lost hair follicles. Contrary to popular belief, this procedure is complicated. It is indispensable for this attempt that the transferred hair looks natural and doesn’t harm the donor area in any way.

A Turkey hair transplant is a procedure that can take 6 to 8 hours under local anaesthesia. The process is extremely comfortable. In the first stage of the procedure, your hair follicles are collected from the donor area one by one. In the second stage, the surgeon opens channels with special blades in your relevant area to easily transfer your hair follicles to be taken. In the third and final stage, the surgeon completes the transfer of your hair follicles, namely your grafts. On the other hand, the best hair transplant in Turkey is the FUE method. With FUE hair transplant in Turkey, the hair is recovered much faster.

In the Turkey hair transplant procedure, hair is transferred from the back of your head, which is genetically resistant to hair loss. The genetic characteristics of your hair in this area allow them to continue to grow in their new location. Therefore, it generally takes a lifetime for the transferred hair to remain on your scalp. So hair transplant in Turkey is a permanent procedure. Hair transplant Turkey reviews also support this.

Your transferred hair may become a little thinner as you age, but they don’t fall out. A hair transplant procedure performed by an experienced surgeon is estimated to be 99% permanent. However, for this procedure to be permanent, you must take enough care of your hair. You should use the sprays, shampoos, and medicines given by your doctor. In addition, following your doctor’s pre-and post-operative instructions will also positively affect the outcome of this procedure. It may also benefit you to check out hair transplant Turkey reviews.

After the treatment, the hair transferred to your scalp needs time to adhere. During this period, your scalp is susceptible. Depending on the wrong behaviour, your hair follicles can be dislodged. Your hair follicles, which cannot develop on your scalp, are completely shed and hair transplant in Turkey may unfortunately fail. The first wash is done within 3 to 4 days after the hair transplant. This process should be done as recommended by the doctor in order not to damage the hair follicles. Rapid washing can damage the hair follicles. Therefore, you need to be careful. The purpose of hair washing is to clean the crusts that appear on your scalp and allow your hair to breathe. Our hair is washed in this way for about one month.

For this reason, you must learn to do the washing process in a very high quality way. After the particular washing period after the first wash, you can wash your hair normally. Your doctor will inform you when to do the normal washing.

Hair transplant results in Turkey differ entirely from person to person. Hair transplant results in Turkey vary depending on many factors such as your age, hair type, gender, and hair loss rate. During this process, planning with your surgeon before the procedure completely affects the result. You experience hair loss between 2 weeks and 3 months after a hair transplant. After your newly transferred hair falls out, your new hair starts to grow in approximately 2.5 to 3 months. After the 3rd month, your hair starts to grow until the 6th month. Hair becomes clearly visible in the 6th month.

After the 6th month, your new hair grows until the 1st year and starts to look natural. In this process, the naturalness of your hair will also depend on the experience and knowledge of your surgeon. In your examination before hair transplant Turkey, your surgeon determines your hair’s roots and growth directions and plans accordingly. Thus, your new hair will look harmonious with your existing hair and take a natural shape after the procedure. In this procedure, it takes approximately one year to achieve the desired result.

The hair transplant Turkey is a process that can generally be completed in one year. After the hair transplant in Turkey, methods such as redness, crusting, shedding, and shock shedding take place. These processes are perfectly normal. The growth of all of your newly transferred hair and the full appearance of the success of the treatment are completed within one year. After the procedure, you should regularly use the drugs that your surgeon will prescribe.

Your doctor may recommend medications or solutions specific to your medical condition. Each patient’s condition may be different from another. You should also pay attention to your nutritional habits during the recovery period after a hair transplant. Your wrong diet can reduce the success rate of this procedure.

With a Turkey hair transplant, you will regain your hair in a short time. The first 10 days after a hair transplant is known as the critical period. Shortly after the critical process is over, the first recovery process of your hair follicles begins. Then, sudden and intense spills, called shock spills, occur. Although this period varies from individual to individual, it usually takes place between the 1st and 3rd months. After the end of the shock shedding processes, the growth processes of your hair follicles begin.

Even though there is a certain time for new hair to grow as a standard, in some cases, it can vary from person to person. On average, new hair becomes visible in 6 to 7 months. New hair completes its growth period at the end of one year. The transferred hair has a process that must complete one year. In this process, the most important conditions are to be patient and to have your new hair transferred from time to time to take the necessary care. You can reach Mono Clinic right away for the best hair transplant in Turkey.