Hair loss is not specific to scalp; hair may excessively fall or thin in every part of the body. Hair loss condition is an equally disturbing problem for many when it occurs in the eyebrow, eyelash, moustache or beard. Thankfully, the popular and developed hair restoration procedures are not only for your scalp; hair transplant for other areas in which the hair loss is experienced gives very effective results as well. In fact, the second popular type of hair transplant can be considered as beard transplant today, considering the beard plays a big role on male styling and the latest trends. Beard transplant procedures are opted even by celebrities today.

Since the facial areas are always considered to be more delicate than other parts of the body, when thinking of a beard transplant, there are numerous factors to take into consideration. However, the most common question of beard transplant seekers is whether the results will be permanent or not; this is a valid concern to have before any cosmetic surgical operation aiming for improved appearance.

Basic principles and advantages of beard transplant

Beard transplant procedure owes its popularity to its smooth and comfortable process: the basic principles and techniques of hair transplant are the same with beard transplant.

Both for hair transplant and beard transplant procedures, the most preferred and demanded technique is FUE technique today. FUE is a convenient technique for many parts of the body with its smooth application process, easy recovery and scar-less feature.

FUE allows the operation to be fully controlled by the patient and the hair transplant specialist; patients can design their own beard style suitable for their face forms.

For a beard transplant, the donor area is usually the back of the head just like in hair transplant due to the resistant structure of the follicles there. FUE is done by harvesting a required number of follicles from donor area and transplanting them to the beard area in accordance to the plan made in advance. Patients can get back to their daily routines in a day; the little wounds on the donor and recipient areas heal quickly.

Is beard transplant permanent?

As the procedure itself; the recovery and the permanence of beard transplant procedures are the same with all other hair transplant procedures.

Beard transplant gives permanent results; the follicles harvested from the donor area are patient’s own natural hair follicles which are harvested with advanced technological tools without any harm. The transplanted roots are able to grow as if they are in their own original location once the enough healing time has passed and they have regularized their growth cycle.

Usually the final and permanent results are achieved after a year: this time may vary for every individual. When the final results are achieved, patients can cut or shave their beard as they wish; they will grow again.

Mono Hair Transplant Clinic has expertise on hair transplant procedures for all parts of the body; beard transplants done by experienced Mono specialists give the most satisfactory results with the highest success rate. To initiate your beard transplant experience with Mono, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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