Dental Crowns in Turkey
Dental Crowns in Turkey

Dental Crowns in Turkey

Dental crowns are dental caps that can be placed over a tooth or a dental implant to restore teeth’ health, strength, aesthetic appearance, and symmetry. Unlike veneers, they cover all surfaces of the teeth.

Who is A Suitable Candidate for Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are suitable for patients who would like to repair their weak or decayed teeth, treat an already broken tooth, fix teeth with irregular shapes or cover the dental implants.

Dental crowns treatments provide a wide range of patients with healthy and strong teeth; however, to know if you are a suitable candidate for a dental crowns Turkey, the best is to get an opinion of an experienced and expert dentist. Dental crowns Turkey should be custom-made; in a consultation that covers the general dental condition of patients and expectations from the procedure, an individualized dental crowns treatment plan can be designed to achieve the best results for the specific dental condition of the patients.

Mono Dentistry offers online dental consultations to provide the most comfortable and convenient dental crowns treatments for international patients. In these consultations, medical consultants of our clinic will reply to all of your questions, and our experienced dentist will assess your condition. At the end of your online consultation, the most suitable treatment plan will be designed with the most suitable material and a necessary number of crowns that will fit the best for your dental structure. You can get all the information about the dental crowns treatment and our clinic online from our dedicated medical consultants.

Materials of Dental Crowns

The materials used for dental crowns may vary; in Mono Dentistry, our dentists use crowns made of e-max, zirconium, metal-infused porcelain, gold, silver and titanium. Each type of crown material has its advantages and disadvantages; material choice and the treatment plan is created according to the current condition and expectations of the patients. 

Dental Crowns Cost in Turkey

Dental crowns in Turkey are very effective and successful dental treatments, and the prevalence of this treatment is very high worldwide. But then again, in many countries, dental crowns are offered at expensive price rates, which is usually the main reason why treatment seekers are hesitant about the procedure.

While searching for the best option in terms of price rates and the quality of the dental crowns procedure, Turkey is usually the first address; like many other dental treatments, dental crowns procedure is also offered at low prices in Turkey. Therefore, many international patients have their dental crowns in Turkey by benefitting the all-inclusive and pre-arranged treatment options while also having a lovely holiday in a beautiful country.

Mono Dentistry considers every detail that an international patient may need for a dental crowns treatment journey and designs all-inclusive packages that include accommodations, transfers, medications, personal assistance, and check-ups.

Dental crowns costs may vary depending on the suitable material and the number of required crowns. The all-inclusive package dental crowns cost will be shared during your consultation after a detailed dental crowns Turkey treatment planning.

Dental Crowns Procedure

The consultation process is critical to achieving the most natural and functional results. The procedure begins with an online consultation where you share your expectations about the dental crowns in Turkey, dental photos, and your medical history. A personalized treatment plan is created according to your specific condition.

Your procedure begins with an x-ray. Your dentist shaves your existing teeth down at the required level and prepares them for crowns; if the dental crowns are to be placed over dental implants, no teeth shaving occurs. Each crown is specific to the patient; your dental structure will be moulded and sent to the lab to produce natural crowns.

When your unique dental crowns are ready, they are placed on your teeth with the help of cement; a special light is applied to make the bonding faster and more robust.

What are the Advantages of Dental Crowns?

The dental crowns procedure is a significantly improved and highly demanded process that offers many advantages.

Dental crowns in Turkey plans are made uniquely for the individual; your dentist will advise you on the best material, the required number for your condition and the other details about the dental crowns. You can choose the best one for yourself.

Dental crowns are beneficial for the treatment of many different problems with teeth. They can take part in replacing a missing tooth, treat the broken or decayed teeth, or fix the irregular or unaesthetic shape of the teeth; with dental crowns in Turkey, the colour of the teeth will be renewed, and stains or stains discolouring will disappear as well.

Damaged teeth may affect the function of the teeth and make them hard to chew. After dental crowns treatment, patients can achieve a better part of their teeth; dental crowns are made of solid materials that allow patients to chew without damaging their crowns, providing that they are taken care of properly.

Dental crowns are made from solid and durable materials; therefore, they can be used for many years without a problem. The materials of dental crowns can be explicitly selected for the patients to achieve the most natural results.

A nice smile always makes a good impression; after the dental crowns procedure, patients say they started to smile more confidently and have achieved a better psychological state. A more confident smile improves people’s social life and professional life significantly and allows them to interact with other people much more comfortably and confidently.

Recovery After Dental Crowns

  • Patients can get back to their daily routines right after the procedure, providing they follow the post-op instructions carefully.
  • Proper oral hygiene practices should be followed.
  • Swelling, bleeding, sensitivity and pain may be experienced after the procedure.
  • Biting and chewing hard foods should be refrained.

Key Facts

  • Operation Duration: Depends on the number of crowns
  • Hospital Stay: Not required
  • Recovery Time: 2-3 days
  • Anaesthesia: Local anaesthesia

Mono Dentistry offers the best dental crowns Turkey treatments; all the procedures are carried out with the latest technology and the highest quality products. To find out more about dental treatments and the all-inclusive package prices, please fill out the consultation form; our dedicated medical consultants will contact you and get you a treatment plan from our dentists.