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A hair transplant in Turkey can provide satisfactory results for those suffering from hair loss caused by a variety of factors, including psychological reasons, traumas, genetic factors or vitamin deficiency. If you need a hair transplant guide in Turkey, keep reading!

A growing number of patients in Turkey prefer the hair transplant procedure. The mild Mediterranean climate, beautiful landscapes and carefree lifestyle play only a minor role in this decision. The low cost of hair transplants is also a significant factor in the popularity of the resort area on the Bosphorus. Hair transplant cost in Turkey is approximately 75% to 80% cheaper than in the UK. In addition, hair transplant specialists are highly experienced in their field and can help you achieve the desired results. 

Who Can Do Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Before you decide to go to Turkey for a hair transplant in Turkey, you must determine whether you are suitable for this procedure. The hair transplant procedure in Turkey has become a trendy choice among people worldwide due to its cost-effectiveness and the expertise of Turkish hair transplant surgeons in Turkey.

There are very cheap direct flights to Turkey from all over the world. Most hair transplant clinics offer treatment packages that include treatment, accommodation, and transfer. We also offer a range of packages to suit different patient needs. If you are interested in a hair transplant to address hair loss and achieve a new look, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why You Should Choose Turkey for Hair Transplant?

Turkey is one of the countries with the highest demand in the hair transplant sector. We have listed below why you should choose Turkey for the best hair transplant procedure:

  • Advanced techniques: At Clinic Mono’s contracted health institutions, our contracted surgeons utilizes the FUE hair transplant, which is the most advanced technology in the hair transplant procedure, to ensure the patients experience minimal discomfort and no scarring during their recovery. This allows for a swift and comfortable recovery.
  • Location: Since Turkey is geographically located in the middle of Europe and Asia, it is straightforward to access the country.
  • Affordable costs: In Turkey, hair transplant costs are very economical compared to many countries in the world, including the UK, Canada and the USA.
  • Touristic places and accommodation: The Turkish nation, known for its hospitality and generosity, has hosted many tourists perfectly over the years. Many of these people still prefer Turkey for surgical procedures first.
  • Experienced surgeons: Surgeons who are experts in their fields, have significant experience and know the latest treatment techniques will perform your procedure.

In addition to all these, you have many advantages as the competition rate among clinics in Turkey is very high. Do you dream of healthy and shiny hair and want a hair transplant procedure at an attractive cost and performance ratio? If so, Clinic Mono, as a medical tourism agency, is an excellent choice. Clinic Mono’s collaborated experts are available for a preliminary interview, free of charge, to answer any questions you may have and to discuss the results you can expect. Mono’s contracted medical team is ready to assist you.

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