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The question of “how to care for hair after a hair transplant” is of interest to many people who have undergone this procedure. It is important to consider a number of factors when caring for hair after a hair transplant. Correct hair care and supportive treatments can both accelerate the healing process and increase the quality of the transferred hair.

Clinic Mono’s contracted hair transplant specialists will provide the necessary information and instructions regarding the recovery process after a hair transplant. In particular, it is vital to adhere to the instructions regarding the use of drugs, washing of hair, and the use of preservatives during the first three days after the procedure. For a period of 15 days after the procedure, the hair should be cleaned and cared for with products provided by the clinic. The scalp should be protected from sunlight. Also, it is important to refrain from entering the sea or a pool with chlorinated water. Furthermore, it is advisable to avoid exposure to high temperatures, such as in saunas and baths. After the initial three-day period has elapsed, it is necessary to apply the necessary measures to protect your natural hair on your entire scalp.

Hair Care After Hair Transplant

It is important to maintain good hair care practices after a hair transplant in Turkey. Also, the wound is dressed and the treated area is left exposed after the procedure. The area where the graft was taken will be checked and wrapped by the surgeon the next day. The first hair-washing process usually occurs between 24 and 48 hours after the hair transplant procedure.

It is typical for hair loss to be observed in the first 10 days, and the hair regrowth process can be accelerated by the use of PRP application or hair care products containing the active ingredient Minoxidil. The hair growth rate can also be increased by choosing products that care for the scalp.

It is recommended that shampoo and hair care products are chosen that do not harm the skin and provide benefits. These should generally consist of herbal formulas. You can use products that prevent hair loss and accelerate hair growth, which your specialist will recommend.

After a hair transplant procedure, many products will be preferred as they help to maintain the health of the hair. However, it has fewer adverse effects than chemicals. The use of herbal products instead of chemical products greatly protects the scalp by accelerating hair growth. This allows you to better care for your hair after a hair transplant. The use of products that prevent hair loss will ensure that your new transfer hair adapts to the skin more firmly, thus reducing the likelihood of any further hair loss.

Personalized Hair Care

At Clinic Mono’s collaborative health institutions, special hair care techniques will be recommended for you by contracted Mono hair transplant specialists. Hair care can be applied using a combination of topical lotions and laser techniques, with clinical research providing evidence of their efficacy. Treatments are applied in dedicated therapy rooms with massage techniques specific to the scalp and different therapy methods that are both refreshing and relaxing. The treatment starts with a soothing head and neck massage and continues with applying topical lotion and hair treatments to the hair. The application is continued with a massage under infrared light, which facilitates the absorption of the products.

The infrared procedure enhances the efficacy of hair transplants by harnessing their healing and cell regenerative light power. The course is followed by a vibrator application that relaxes the back and neck muscles and triggers blood circulation. The average time for maintenance operations is between 35 and 45 minutes. The programs can be enhanced with laser therapy, microdermabrasion and electroporation treatments, depending on the severity of the hair problem.

Hair Care Products Used After Hair Transplant

After a hair transplant, the use of chemical products is not advisable. You should choose products that are natural and herbal in composition and which promote hair growth. In this case, you can show your hair the attention it deserves by changing your bath products completely.

While shampoos are the preferred choice for a daily cleaning routine, serums offer a more refreshing effect. You can strengthen the hair transplant area by applying serums for a specified period of time. In short, it is important to provide adequate care with the use of hair serum and shampoos after a hair transplant.

How Long Does Hair Care Take After Hair Transplant?

The duration of hair care after a hair transplant varies according to the skin and hair structure of the person. On average, hair treatments require a period of up to six months. You can extend this maintenance period if you wish. It is essential that your hair care routine is complete in order to achieve the desired results. This hair care procedure is straightforward and simple to perform. These transactions can be completed without affecting your social life.

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