How To Take Care of Hair After a Hair Transplant?

The question of ‘how to take care of hair after a hair transplant’ is interesting to many people who have had a hair transplant. After a hair transplant, there are many points to be considered about hair care. In this process, correct hair care and supportive treatments both accelerate the healing process and increase the quality of the transferred hair.

Our hair transplant specialists will give the necessary information and instructions about what to do in the recovery process after a hair transplant. Especially in the first three days, it is essential to comply with the teachings such as using drugs, washing hair, and preservatives. For 15 days after the procedure, the hair should be cleaned and cared for with unique products that will be given to you regularly. The scalp should be protected from sunlight. Don’t enter the sea or a pool with chlorinated water. In addition, scorching environments such as saunas and baths should be avoided. After this stage, you need to apply what needs to be done to protect your natural hair on your entire scalp.

Hair Care After Hair Transplant

Haircare is essential after the best hair transplant in Turkey. Also, after the procedure, the wound is dressed, and the treated area is left exposed. The area where the graft was taken will be checked and wrapped by our surgeon the next day. Generally, the first hair-washing process takes place 24 to 48 hours after hair transplant.

Generally, hair loss is observed in the first 10 days, and hair regrowth time can be shortened using PRP application or hair care products with Minoxidil active ingredient in this process. Hair growth rate, which is different for everyone, can also be increased by choosing products that care for the scalp.

Shampoo and hair care products that will not harm the skin and provide benefits should generally consist of herbal formulas. You can use products that prevent hair loss and accelerate hair growth, which our specialist will recommend.

Many products that will be preferred after the hair transplant procedure will help the hair to be healthier. However, it doesn’t have as many adverse effects as chemicals. Choosing herbal products instead of chemical products greatly protects your scalp by accelerating your hair growth. This allows you to take better care of your hair after a hair transplant. Using products that prevent hair loss, one of the many hair problems will ensure that your new transfer hair adapts to the skin more firmly.

Personalized Hair Care

Special hair care techniques will be recommended for you by our hair transplant specialists. Haircare can be applied by using topical lotions and laser techniques with clinical research. Treatments are applied in therapy rooms specially allocated for you, with massage techniques specific to the scalp and different therapy methods with a refreshing and relaxing nature. The treatment starts with a soothing head and neck massage and continues with applying topical lotion and hair treatments to the hair. The application is continued with a massage under infrared light for faster absorption of the products.

The infrared procedure increases the effectiveness of hair transplants due to their healing and cell regenerative light power. The courses are followed by a vibrator application that relaxes the back and neck muscles and triggers blood circulation. Maintenance operations take between 35-45 minutes on average. Programs can be supported by laser therapy, micro dermal roller, and electroporation applications according to the size of your hair problem.

Hair Care Products Used After Hair Transplant

After a hair transplant, it will not be appropriate to use chemical products. You should choose products that are natural and herbal and promote hair growth. In this case, you can show your hair the attention it deserves by changing your bath products completely.

While shampoos are preferred in your daily cleaning routine, serums show more refreshing effects. You can make the hair transplant area stronger with serums used in a certain period and applied as a cure. After a hair transplant, you will provide adequate care with hair serum and shampoos.

How Long Does Hair Care Take After Hair Transplant?

The duration of hair care after a hair transplant varies according to the skin and hair structure of the person. On average, hair treatments take up to 6 months. You can extend this maintenance period if you wish. Your hair care routine must be complete for positive results. This hair care procedure is straightforward and effortless. It is possible to do these transactions without affecting your social life.

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