Facial Rejuvenation Turkey

Facial Rejuvenation Turkey

People’s skin starts to loosen and wrinkles increase over time. Anti-aging products available on the market contain many different chemicals in products that claim to rejuvenate the skin.

For this reason, instead of such procedures for facial rejuvenation, you can get help from a plastic surgery doctor, which is both longer-lasting and away from chemicals.

Facial rejuvenation Turkey procedures can be done in two different ways. These procedures are divided into surgical and non-surgical procedures.

If the person is still in his middle age, the face can be rejuvenated with smaller touches without the need for an operation.

For all kinds of procedures, whether surgical or not, you should get help from plastic surgeon in a clinical setting.

You should not trust other practices and always consult a professional.

Facial Rejuvenation İzmir

Dermal injection, which is a non-surgical technique, is often used for your facial rejuvenation Izmir procedure. The face of the person is made more aesthetic with the fillers added to the places where the wrinkles are located in the face area.

In this way, the procedure can be performed without the need for general anesthesia. However, surgical techniques will need to be applied in case of sagging and loosening of the muscles in the following years.

These can be face lift, neck and forehead lift procedures. Regarding the face lifting process;

  • Focus Ultrasound
  • Threadlifting
  • Liquid face lift
  • PRP with Dermapen
  • Golden needle
  • Thermage technique
  • Endopeel techniques can be applied.

Facial Rejuvenation Istanbul

One of the facial rejuvenation techniques in Istanbul is the laser facial rejuvenation technique. There is a substance called collagen in our body that gives elasticity to the skin.

This protein-structured substance makes the person’s skin tight and flat and elastic. The same is true for the face.

With the advancement of age, the reason for the loss of elasticity of the skin is the decrease in the number of collagen.

Laser treatment is applied to revitalize collagen in the face area and to delay their destruction.

You will also notice the change after each session in this process, which will take several sessions.

Facial Rejuvenation Prices

You may be wondering about facial rejuvenation prices. In this case, you should first go to a plastic surgeon and get information about facial rejuvenation procedures.

Afterwards, you need to make a decision with your surgeon about which technique will be applied.

There are different problems on the face of each individual regarding this issue and there is more than one solution to these problems.

There are advantages and disadvantages between each solution when compared.

After making a decision, you can ask your surgeon about any questions you may be wondering about the duration of the facial rejuvenation process, how many times it can be repeated, when you will need surgical intervention and facial rejuvenation prices.

Afterwards, you can schedule an appointment about how many sessions and how your procedures will be done in the future.

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