The beard and the mustache are the most basic features when someone thinks of a male character, and it may lead to issues for any individual in the event that it is not there. Scant facial hair or no hair at all in a specific part of the facial hair, scars, and similar issues may lead to personal  problems for individuals. If a male indivual have no longer hair on top of his lip or losing the hair he already has, the exact procedure is to have beard and mustache transplant operation.Beard and mustache transplantation is done in specific parts where they don’t develop anymore,  or if the facial hair is scarred or harmed in some ways, or where there is no facial hair at all. 

After the procedure, particularly for the initial 3 days, the transplanted part must be kept safe. Anything that have the possibility to lead to harm should be stayed away from. It is normal to have redness for the initial 3-4 days post procedure.This redness can be expected during the first four weeks of operation. These will turn into scabs, and following seven days after that, it will recover itself. The patient should try not to forget to apply creams regularly to keep from scabbing after the transplant operation. The patient may begin shaving the beard and the mustache following a month. Following 8 weeks after the transplant, the hair starts to fill in the part where the transplant area is, and all the facial hair starts growing in 12 months. The end result is really amazing. The imprints after the activities can be noticeable for one week after the procedure. When the transplant procedure is finished, the patient must follow the post operation instructions. During the healing cycle, the patient should take the prescriptions regularly as suggested by the specialist. Nearly two weeks after the transplant procedure, the facial hair starts shedding. The shedded facial hair starts to develop, after roughly 8 weeks. It takes almost a year for the facial hair growth to see the final results.

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